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Justice Executive Pelikan leads the Legislative Council. It's not tobacco, he says


Former Minister of Justice Robert Pelikán (for the DA) will probably become a member of the Legislative Council of the Government since September. The Ministry of Justice, led by Maria Benesova (for the ANO), proposed the advisory body of the Cabinet, the government announced today. The government has not yet confirmed its nomination.

"I received a tender from the Ministry of Justice, which is a tender that I respect. I respect the authority and enjoy the legislation," said Pelican, who now works as a lawyer. "He is the former minister, gifted in the law, he will do it. Many people were there, who did not, they did not have time, they did not go. I need someone who would work intensively," said Benesova. In addition, he wants to add to someone else a younger one. In her opinion, the pelican would have to deal with business matters in the world.

The Pelican refused to be the so-called tobacco. A member of the Legislative Council works according to the government website for a symbolic prize and, according to Diary N, earns approximately CZK 5 000 per month. The former minister will remain in the private sector and will work for the legislature beyond his legal practice.

According to the proposal of the Ministry of Justice, the 39-year-old Pelikan will replace 51-year-old Michal Votrell from the Office for State Representation in Hradec Králové. He told reporters that he did not know that the hotel would be removed after two years.

From 2015 to 2018, Pelican was the Minister of Justice. In April, he announced that he was leaving the policy due to the interruption of the YES movement.

Lately, this is the second change in the legislature of the government. In May, the government approved the board of directors Professor Jiří Jelínek, who in January this year prepared an opinion for Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (DA). Tomáš Nevečeřála was replaced by the world, N. Dnevnik, Minister of the Interior and CSSD leader Jan Hamacek recently proposed to his colleague Michal Hásek for the Legislative Council. However, the then Minister of Justice, Jan Kněžínek, withdrew the proposal after criticism.

The Legislative Council is an influential advisory body of the government. It evaluates all proposals of laws, which are then decided by ministers. It will prepare its comments and reservations on drafts and cabinet recommendations on how to proceed with the legislative process. It shall in particular monitor whether the proposals submitted comply with the constitutional principles, international treaties, EU standards and other laws. Members of the Council are lawyers, lawyers, law school teachers and other experts.

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