Ivo Pavlík († 84) is 15 months after his death and Heidi Janků … Arrange a boy for Bartošová!


"It was until the arrival of Jiří Pomějwho then took everything from me. And frankly, I was glad that Ivkini's excesses grew, and with it it was harder and harder " Štěpán, who started as a dancer of the UNO group, told him, then a choreographer and then the leader of the road to various singers. "I guarantee everything connected with the road. That's why I am driving a car, stuffing things to the concert, taking care of the technique, sound and, if necessary, food and drink," Stephen explains what it is.

He spent the longest time on Iveta and enjoyed this. Inadvertently dragged him into her lust, alcoholic extreme and work-related accidents. Only one who, after one such excess, took the singer into Kosmonosy Psychiatric Hospital. Then nobody knew her and hid it under a blanket on the back of the vehicle. "I do not want to talk about it, no. Iveta hired me and paid me. That's why I was when she died, quietly and she even tried to ignore me" Karlész explained, who tried to be faithful to Iveti in her life and after her. "This is known, then nobody would be employed," he commented.

And his loyalty caused Heidi to call the phone and call him. "I know Stepan because I danced with him on the UNO, and then we met differently. I knew that as the head of the road he could rely on him in all respects" trusted Heidi, who obviously needed someone to help her on the road.

VIDEO: Year of death Ive Pavlíka († 84): Heidi with a new guy!

Year of death Ive Pavlík († 84): Heidi with a new guy! David Turek, Lukas Červený

Stepan can not even approve of this. "It's a completely different coffee than Iveta, which I truly loved, Heidi is far from all the outside, it's perfectly flawless. Besides, when I was driving Iveto, I drove – and when I go with Heidi, she drives me. it's very nice, " Štěpán smiled.

The contract for TV Barrand Aféry TV, Heidi, has been rejected. "I have a new band, thanks to Adam Pavel, whom I drive and I have ruined my leg, I could not calm down," explained the singer, who replaced Anife Vykocilová (44).


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