He dragged himself on the balloon and then performed miraculous interventions. The goal is unfortunately, said Boleslav Seda


Radek Petrášek, CTK

After the game Jablonec you said that your performance was close to the best game in your career when you were eliminated in the Dutch league by Ajax. Is the match in Liberec comparable?

As for the number of shots, for sure. I am very sorry that there is no such interest in football in the Czech Republic and so many people do not. This is the only big difference why foreign players use them more than in the Czech Republic. Liberec was excellent in quality and he hired me.

However, in the fifth minute Jakub Pešek was shooting at the drug.

It was a great happiness. It probably was the most powerful rocket Liberty. I must say that I could not even get there. Then we blocked the shot and hit the bar. We did not respond to the movement of the players of Liberec, and this was an opportunity. He culminated in criminal supervision. But we all survived.

Did you feel like fighting to be able to belong to you?

It is paradoxical that I am ballast on the balloon because it was swimming so badly and had a very strange retreat. But it totally dug me out. Mostly, when heating is not in the mind, the game is completely opposite.

So, when did you say it was true?

After the balloon hit another goal. I said, "Yes, okay, maybe it will hit me and we will not reach the goal. Unfortunately, we will survive all this and we will gather the last minute … This is wrong.

Are you sorry?

It's terrible! After all, what we survived and what Liberec did not punish. We have a goal from the bottom of the failed balloon. He was flying at the door, at the last minute, I chased him and leveled him. In addition, a rocket from a volleyball was for us when it was still broken by a stick. It was our accident. Unfortunately, after our performance, we would accept the point.

When did you catch Roman Potočný?

Roman Potočný on the other hand, had a terrible day. I thought I would not give it to him, I would just do it. In addition, he set it to the ideal height, where he hit me directly in the gloves. I did not need to move my hands. It was quite easy on my part.

Which procedure do you value most?

Definitely a duel from the first half, where I last scored my head and I was glad I jumped up quickly to the floor and I could go at least with my hand against the balloon and hit me. I appreciate that much.

How has the Liberec number increased, did you have to raise the voice of the roommate?

Of course, I scream, but try to explain to the boys where they stand, and how they respond, but do not scream at them. We are a young team, but rather we want to encourage and learn from mistakes and not clog up.

Boleslav is worried about performance fluctuations, why are they so unstable?

That's right. I do not know what it is. We played better than home at home, it's hard. I do not know if we have less faith in outdoor games. The exercises are the same, they look good. And then it comes to the top of the week – the match, and when we're up, it's good, let's calm down with a goal and win 6: 1. And sometimes we are nervous and we are going through opportunities, sometimes we are saturated. Probably would work for self-confidence.


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