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east long ago, StarDance, Eastern pr. The crown and crown evening ae and waltz were Pr Dv Dvok and Lenko Nora Nvorkov, who reached the first year of absolute points, which were judged by the jury. On the contrary, the competition ended with Dalibor Gondek and Alic Stodlkova, who did not dare a-ou and ghouls.

The best strength of the night was the sovereign Ji Dvok with her partner Lenko Nora Ndvorková. They were surprised by the jury and the first stallions in Latvian scored the highest score. Make the most stable performances, and this is a great value judged by Judges Radek Bala. Judge Vclav Kune once again praised Nvorka and must be a really good dancer.

Veronika Arichteva and Michal Necpl were also convinced. They did not miss their wallet, Arichthev, with one elevator, mistakenly revealed; The jokes were not fired by Marek Ebna or the jury jury. The story was bloody, then you gave a stone television. However, Zdenk Chlopk joked for two more points. You made 34 points. David Svoboda and Veronika Llov reached the same level with a-ou. The jury appreciated their performance, but made some mistakes in the choreography.

Veronika L
Daniela Pisa

The most prized dance was Pavel Tomičov and Mark Ddka. It was not the best tanks, they were cut off by the way, the love of Tatiana Drexler. However, Dalibor Gondk and Alice Stodlkov were eliminated, as the points ended and, last but not least. It was a prank, there was no dance, he was thinking about his performance by Radeka Bala.

One of these events was StarDance, the Moondance Orchestra Martin Kumka, the sketch group Skety played for the arrest. She released a version of Rapid Recording Cappella and proved that it is only the power of a human voice to capture music that also sits on a rhythmic a.

6. VeD StarDance 2018 – ranked according to the jury

Ji Dvok and Lenko Nora Nvorkov – a – a – 40 points
Veronika Arichteva and Michal Necpl – waltz – 34 points
David Svoboda and Veronika Llov – a – a – 34 points
Daniela Pisaovicov and Michal Mldek – waltz – 30 points
Dalibor Gondk and Alice Stodlkov – 27 points – RETURN
Pavla Tomičov and Marek Ddk – waltz – 24 points


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