Fifteen kilometers of queue cars. A massive disaster in the afternoon blocked the D1 – ČT24 motorway – Czech television


Investigators are not aware of the causes of the accident. One of the options is the driver's violation of a truck that died from an accident. "Maybe this driver caused an accident," he told reporters, "he fell asleep or did not drive. He found himself in the car in front of him, and more cars hit him," said police spokesman Bohumil Malasek.

The survivors could no longer help men. "He died before the arrival of our crew, the injuries were incompatible with life," said Defense Minister Michael Both.

Drivers descended on the highway on the 178th exit in Ostrovačice and returned to 168th Exit Nine Crosses. Before the accident a colony was formed with about 15 kilometers. "So far we do not know when the highway is going, one truck has bottles and others with personal cars. It may take a crane, so it will take longer," Malasek said in the afternoon.

The column consists of section 187 to 178 km; After nine o'clock in the evening, the spread continued, the stretching took place over the left flange. The operation was completely restored before midnight.


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