Djok plays on the first tournament in the East, calls Zverev


Novak Djok takes the balloon at the tournament championship against Kevin Anderson.

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Novak Djok from Serbia will play for the title of champion of the tennis championship, over 6: 2, 6: 2 over Jihoafrika by Kevin Anderson. The world player will call 21-year-old Nmec Alexander Zverev, who won the 7th, 5th, 7th and 6th place in the first finals of Roger Federer.

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vcar Federer jerekordmanemprest, seven rounds in the finale and jubilee title in the ATP bag in London no.

Federer – Zverev

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Djokoviv london O2 aren confirmed that it was a good second half of the season, after the elbow operation he climbed to the top and controlled Wimbledon and US Open. Masters won in 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, and the finals were two years ago.

Zverev kr in lpjch known relatives and champion of the tournament are trying to win as tet Nmec in history. Three-time winner Boris Becker has been in the finals for 22 years with one shot by Michael Stich.

Federer gave Zverev the pressure and accuracy of the game. The first team won the race when the seven-year-old ended up in the end completely out of the rhythm with his own service and the last match was defeated without the profit of Fift. In the second set, Federer broke the draw with 2: 1, but lost his return and lost a 5: 7 lead after failure.

In the tie-break, the situation grew. Federer, owner of the 20th Grandslam title, led 4: 3, but he broke the gap and Zverev decided to repeat the victory. He gave a dime and compared it. Then he turned on the seller and changed the range of mebols.

I want to apologize for the situation in the tie-break. But in accordance with the rules, the reconstruction needs to be repeated. The whole thing, I did not want to finish this way, and I did not want people to be disappointed, Zverev said that the dog Federer after the sudden rush of the semi-finals.

Djok – Anderson

We watched the reports


Champion of the tournament in London

hard surface, $ 8.5 million subsidies

Singles – Semifinals:
A. Zverev (3-Nm) – Federer (2-v.) 7: 5, 7: 6 (7: 5)
Djokovic (1) – Anderson (4-JAR) 6: 2, 6: 2

tyhra – polfinal:
M. Bryan, Sock (5-USA) – J. Murray, Soares (4- Br./Braz) 6: 3, 4: 6, 10: 4
Herbert, Mahut (8-Fr.) – Cabal, Farah (2-pole) 6: 3, 5: 7, 10: 5

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