Czech scientists have discovered a cheap way to treat cancer


Czech – portal states that Czech scientists have discovered the method of cheap production of irradiated nanoparticles and other materials that are useful for very sensitive cancer diagnosis.

The scientific paper, led by Petr Cígler of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry and Martin Hrubý from the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, was published in Nature Communications.

On the portal, these nanoparticles are used in diagnostics and nanomedicines and are synthetically prepared from graphite under high pressures and temperatures. However, a pure nanodamond is not useful for these purposes. Therefore, the crystal grid must first be damaged in order to create specific errors that allow for scanning.

This damage most commonly created an operation error – by irradiating nanodoamanda with high-speed ions in a particulate accelerator. A group of Czech scientists has developed a new method of irradiation in a nuclear reactor, in which neutron atoms fights light and fast-flying ions of helium and lithium.


This type of radiation has high density and high capacity. Therefore, as the portal shows, ten grams of rare nanomaterials can be cheaper and more expensive, almost thousand times more expensive than those produced by radiation in accelerators. This new detected method, however, is not only successful in generating errors in nanomaterials but also on silicon carbide. According to scientists, this method can serve in general and on a large scale.,


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