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Concrete boxes should be free for Prague 5, but they have not disappeared. Transportation should be expensive and demanding Home


Prague An unsuccessful attempt to reduce noise and improve air quality in Prague 5 is still waiting for closure. 240 throats of concrete pots against which the placement on the streets was demonstrated seven years ago by the population of the city quarters, and in February the city hall was given to those interested in transport but underestimated their weight and size.

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In addition, officials and officials must always help with removal. So there are two hundred flower pots on the road. But the city's district plans to make the last concrete ship disappear from Prague 5 by the end of September.

At the beginning of February, the city district was supposed to distribute concrete pots when they were allegedly very interested in it: officially they were distributed in one day. Anyone who had only one condition could bring the unused container to the garden at his own expense.

According to the representative of the Prague City House, Marketa Drešlová, this is more complicated than those who thought. "Flower pots are big and heavy, traffic is problematic," said Drešlová for Therefore, the city district negotiates with new owners of large boxes with companies that can upload and move.

Huge flower pots stand in illogical groups.
Concrete pots in the Nádražní street in the Prague district of Smíchov.

The costs are borne by the new owners of flower pots in accordance with gift contracts. Nevertheless, for a city quarter that costs more than six million crowns, their removal is not free. "Each transport must be notified in advance and then monitored. An official of the city district and police officers must be present at the event, "said the representative. In addition, flower pots are mostly processed at night to prevent traffic blocking.

The speed of removal is not so vigorous: since February, the districts managed to get rid of 40 of the 240 containers. "We want the rest to disappear by the end of September at the latest," Drešlová added. According to the office, concrete pots are being removed to private land.

Prague 5 put out concrete boxes in 2012. According to plans, the city district buried and planted trees in order to purify the air and absorb the noise of cars. But people protested against the intention, mainly because of their ugly appearance and lack of space on the sidewalks. In addition, the grass in the pots dried up and the vandals destroyed the trees. Therefore, they removed the city district from the most burdensome places.

For a long time, the city house could not get rid of unpopular pots. Their total price paid 13.5 million crowns from European funds. If the city district did not use the project for five years until 2018, it should return the subsidy. This happened in part, although 66 potted plants were prematurely removed due to the location in the area of ​​heritage and because of the disapproval of the inhabitants. Initially planned 1.6 million crowns were added an additional 4.5 million euros. In addition, 150,000 should be paid to the ombudsmen for their location in the preserved area.

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