Companies in the district are employed by bandits who offer 200 CZK per hour


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"I estimate that yesterday's salary increased by twenty percent," said Petra Klímová from the Pilsen branch in Adecco.

"One company for which we are looking for brigades already pays 160 crores per hour, and last year's salaries ranged from 125 to 130 crores, but when one employer offers 160 crores to the cash desk, others usually follow this," she added.

In the region of Pilsen Lidl and Loxxess e-commerce now offer Climove salaries from 144 to 193 CZK, according to their position and night shifts or weekends.

Jana Langová, a staff member of Hofmann Personal, Silver Branch staff, said that their pay recipients also rose in the past year, but not so much.

"One company increased salaries from 120 to 130 crowns per second and from 115 to 120," said Langova.

When searching for people from Christmas shopping, the Czech Post Office is successful, requiring five thousand robbers during this exposure period. As Ivo Vysoudil from the Press Department of the company said, he has concluded four thousand contracts with bandits from across the country since the beginning of September.

In the ad, for example, offers a salary from CZK 99 to CZK 170 per position. According to Vysoudil, it is 15% higher during the year.

"The percentage of workers looking for some employment in the main job is increasing. In some cases, the amounts for the robbers are close to or even exceeding their wages. Previously, these people said they would not work for 70 knots an hour, and preferred to stay at home and resting. At 160 crowns per hour, they were reassessed, "explained Klímová.

Some go to the brigade and the main employer has to respect the working code and can not offer an unlimited number of overtime.

"People will be the next shift with good wages, but with another employer. This is not restricted by the law," explained Klímová.

A person who adds a brigade to the main job must pay fifteen percent of the tax and eleven percent of the salary for payment for health and social insurance. Total 26 percent.

Brigades are also people who want to free themselves from their mental work

When the brigade is the only income, taxation is considerably lower. "For example, from rewards to 2 499 CZK per month, health and social insurance will not disappear," says

From January 2019 it will be even more pleasant. Health and social insurance will be paid out of the prize of three thousand a month.

According to the Climate of Adecc, among the brigades, for example, people working in the office want to relax from the mental work and are grateful for manual activity.

"Working with the current shortage of workers can also be found for retired people who can not perform heavy manual work, but these positions have quickly disappeared but they appear. When people in Excel can offer communication skills or knowledge, salaries are very favorable," he said Klímová.

Because of the lack of people, companies are trying to make the most of their efforts. "Retired people allow shorter movements when they do not physically run for eight hours. Students adjust shifts to get a school. They also focus on maternal mothers who also welcome shorter moves," Klímová said.

Employees aged 16 to 18 years are also employed in brigades

The downside is that if there are a limited number of people in companies, they leave these workers with exceptions. Managing the company is administratively the most demanding, for example, it has to be complex to combine moves.

A shortage of employees forced companies to take even more minors from 16 to 18 years of age. "The employers have worked with them with good and bad experiences. Some minors have less responsibility and, for example, do not come in exchange. Some companies eventually returned to employees over 18 years of age", she approached the situation Klímová.

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