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Charles, eat it! Do not speak! Forman revived me, Gott reminded me


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The sale of banknotes gathered crowds, the police eating a suspicious trunk

Karel Gott remembered euro banknotes. How did the sales arrests in Prague look like?

Duet Hearts is not a rush hit. What is the feeling of singing with a daughter?
I am two duets with Charlotte Natel's daughter, I also felt a sense of duality. Spend the mv pvab. Author Richard Kraj and Peter Harazi have a deep feeling and a text that is credible. The text was too many for me, even with the distance of time. This is the best proof that it was a good choice. This will never happen before the arrest.

How did a younger author come from, what was written and given by Karel Svoboda?
Among the authors who wrote for me recently, Marek Ztracen, who came out of his feeling in me. He knew my situation, he married me, what was going on, and how happy I was, my wife was with me a few hours a day, which gave me confidence and trust. All this is Marek Tuil or the widow and the song That's right.

Of course, this is something else, not when Karel Svoboda and Jirka taidle wrote Lady Carneval in the dark, but we did not go to the festival in Rio de Janeiro. we repented of the symbol of the Carnival of Rome, the lady is the word of the world. There we are there with a second call not today, when a hunter is aware of the past. How fast is it. Or slowly, because it seems to me that I was in my life. I am grateful to my fate that there is an angel over me who is cooling down. It's better not to forget about the luxurious little things. I want to surround myself with asking good beginnings and happy noodles. I like it and nothing in.

On holidays in Sardinia, you did not lie and continue to write memories. Can you choose between what you have done? And how much self-censorship works in opposition?
Self-censorship is so difficult for me, and sometimes it's so sad that the book is just perfect(smch).Of course, I remember the memory of pst, so people will know that this is what is in me. The idea or idea that is attacked. I know all the papers and papers here on the table. L is different. This is on the one hand, but for creating a book it's tk because I have to pick something that I did not go through.

Who in my profession gave the most valuable advice? And how were they?
I remember the advice of Milo Forman. He said to me, Charles, to eat! Do not speak! Just like that. But I did not listen very much, because I do not speak lately.

The Jezerce Theater recently hosted the celebration of your eighth time, attended by 100 guests. When did you live in your life that you can rely on?
They were colleagues and colleagues. Singers, actors … spe from the door. And this was not the only celebration, but it would really be in the circle of zkm. This left a deep, cruel feeling inside me. There was a lot of connectivity among people who together had great memories. And if it would take a long time, it would be very pleasing to me. But some things can not be repeated.

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