Chaos, who ruled for Jarolim, is gone. That's why the Czechs can win again


Czarek Sokolowski, CTK / AP

"Combination and unity in which there is a hidden rise and progress" without cover, he pointed out the main reason for the change of the Czech national team, the author of Jakuba Jankt's winning goal.

"There was little chaos for coach Jarol because we did not know where to run. Now it's changed when the new coach started with simple things," he understood what Jaroslav Šilhavý changed in a short time.

Even in Gdansk, it was obviously in the game of the Czech national team. She fought, she had a match with Lewandowski et al. from the beginning it started to work. Organized and dedicated defense was the foundation, the pursuit of rapid outflow and an offensive threat with the superstructure.

Shy: He does not want to confront the confrontation

"He does not want to confront the confrontation," said the coach, who tried little to get the words his manager told him, "but the truth is that from the beginning we knew that the organization of the game needs to be improved because without it there was no can be done. "He uttered the basic starting point that led him to win over the Poles Shilhav.

"We had to start the defense phase in order to be successful and win, and we want to win, all of us, and players, but it was obvious that, like Kalas, they would throw themselves into a hockey as a hockey player, only to keep winning , "said the coach of the coach, the will and dedication shown by one of the players to the other.

Dobojováno. Czech footballers are looking forward to victory over Poland.

Czarek Sokolowski

That's why the Poles are defeated. Therefore, before Monday's match of the League of Nations Slovaks, which will remain in the second division, will increase the whole Czech team of self-confidence.

"We needed such anger and build on two previous games," said Jankto, adding that he made the next step and nothing more than a friendly match against the Poles, who were worried in the autumn and did not win the fifth game in a row.

"I would not be talking about a step, that's just a few steps. But we want to do more and more. It's nice to have the Pole scalpel to know about the many great things we've done in the race, but we are also aware of the shortcomings that were in our game. "Šilhavý pragmatically assessed the second victory, achieved by the Czech national team under his leadership.

But before Monday in the duel it is very important and important.


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