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Agáta Hanychová on strike: Another breakup and a shocking statement about daughter Mia!

Agáta Hanychová is the queen of the boulevard and provocative statements, but she can still shock her fans. A few days ago, she broke up with another mistress again, and she also said publicly about her daughter Mie that she is not beautiful. However, this triggered a club of angry mothers against each other who neither left nor dry on her.

Agáta Hanychová has been living a very wild life since her divorce from her husband Jakub Prachař. In a year, the two-time mother managed to change four partners and all the relationships ended exactly the same, after three months there was always a breakup.

It was no different with tattooed carpenter Adam Raiter, with whom Hanychová had been dating since December last year. Although the partners set up a joint Instagram and planned joint trips and a future, a seemingly idyllic relationship also fell apart a few days ago.

But I don’t like the frequent rotation of lovers in the presence of two children watching Agatha.

Hanychová will not be able to stand on her own, but finding the right one is still a demanding discipline

At the beginning of each relationship Hanychová impresses a new lover and introduces him to the public. But the love hormones will subside in a few weeks and she has to admit to the fans that she didn’t get along with the other guy.

No wonder watching the frequent rotation of lovers has become a thorn in the side. “Because of these kids, I shouldn’t change partners so much. I don’t think it’s ever going to be easy with any guy,” one of the fans, for example, advised her to slow down a bit with her date and not be alone.

“Because she’s my daughter, I’d drive her. She’s changing like socks, what should kids think. Too bad! So who’s next? So many guys, in one year! Only stupid girls cheering for her can write here:” People s Hanych do not take napkins. An even greater effect of the “red rag on the bull” was caused by Agatha’s statement about Mia’s daughter.

What does little Mia have after Prachař? According to Hanychová is not beautiful

In an interview for the website, Agáta Hanychová received a question from Eva Decastela about the body, what she said her daughter inherited from her father Jakub Prachař.

The double mother’s response shocked many. “Look, I think he has talent. Like he certainly has acting talent behind him because he can’t have it behind me. No, he’s sorry to look like him and I hope he’s out of it … Because he’s nice with those guys, but when a girl looks like a boy, it’s not entirely pretty, and I hope it grows out of it, ”Hanychová said, not just to the moderator.

When Eva Decastelo responded that Mia was very cute, Agatha stood up for her theory. “You can say cute or weird. Ugly girls are always said to be weird. You know, she’s not pretty, she’s weird,” the former model continued.

But he received a quick response to his words. “I saw an interview with you today and I was upset. How can you say your daughter isn’t beautiful? Do you call her that at home? You’re just destroying her confidence. And she’s going to have complexes. Well, I’d like to consider you a mother.” children, “commented dozens of mothers Hanychová.” Insensitive and stupid. Some women who cannot have children would be happy to have a healthy baby and take it to heaven. And she will allow herself to say this about her daughter, albeit in exaggeration. It’s not going, “writes the disgusting wife Agatha. Here Hanychová really stabbed the wasp’s nest. Let’s hope her fans will soon forgive her cut mouth.

Agáta Hanychová admitted another break in the live broadcast.

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