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What is ProgPoW? Proposal of the algorithm against ASIC miners in Ethereum | CryptoNews


One of the principles of blockers, such as Ethereum, is the decentralization of processor power. Therefore, the existence of dedicated hardware for the ASIC mining threat is based on its ability to take up a large part of the power of the network. There is also a proposal for the implementation of ProgPoW (Program proof of work o Program test of work) at the next strong bifurcation of Ethereum.

"ProgPoW is a working test algorithm designed to fill the gap in performance that is available for specialized ASICs. It uses almost all parts of the underlying hardware (GPU) and is adapted to the most common hardware used in the Ethereum network", describes the introduction the text of the project in the GitHub warehouse proposal by the developers of Ethereum.

In the same document, its developers explain that even when implementing this algorithm, the benefits for mining ASICs will not be eliminated. "While the customized ASIC can still be used to use this algorithm, the available efficiency is minimal," reads the explanatory text of the algorithm properties.

ProgPoW's profits would be minimal compared to other Work Test algorithms. With this algorithm, the ASIC's performance is an advantage of only 1.1 or 1.2 times, according to data provided by your own developers of the project.

ProgPoW is designed so that Processing requests are customized to the resources available on the graphics card (or graphics cards). According to developers, this means that "if the algorithm was implemented in a customized ASIC, there should be little chance of increasing performance compared to the GPU."

A brief history of ProgPoW

The proposal for this algorithm extends at least in May 2018. ProgPoW was introduced this month during a meeting between the Ethereum network developers team, after the extension of the ASIC to their network, in addition to others such as Zcash or Monero. Before, you hardness They were developed only for Bitcoin mining protocols.

The name of the program work test is the result of the code: "it follows from the fact that the internal loop between the access to global memory is a randomly generated program based on the number of blocks", its developers explain. This random program, in addition, "prevents the creation of a fixed channel execution, as seen in a specialized ASIC".

In January this year, at the second meeting of network developers, support for implementation of the ASIC algorithm was extended. Hudson Jameson, one of the developers, said there was some consensus on ProgPoW.

Unless there is a major problem with tests or things like this, we will progress with ProgPoW.

Hudson Jameson, developer of Ethereum.

Disagreements, controversy and accusations

The long-term future of Ethereum seems to be defined. The arrival of the 2.0 network will mean switching the PoW protocol to the PoS (Participation Test). Therefore, one of the issues of the ecosystem to integrate ProgPoW is precise if necessary, considering that the idea is to abandon the Work Test (PoW) algorithm,.

One of the developers behind the project, and executive director of the mining company with GPU Mineority, Kristy-Leigh Minehan, last year said: "Our work may end up as an effort that only has a short-term value, but as an air bag, it's worth it, that you have it in the event of an accident. "

In fact, the approach was first to include the algorithm in the Constantinople split. However, this fork came in February last year without using ProgPoW. Soon this issue has become controversial among the community.

For Alexandra Levin, president of and founder of, this proposal is a shift funded by NVIDIA. In his opinion ProgPoW would not just try to fight ASICs, but would especially benefit from NVIDIA GPUs, struggling to dominate this market with AMD.

Levin also expressed concern about the possibility that ProgPoW's arrival would open the door to a 51-percent attack on the network. This attack could happen, Levin insisted, for a possible maximization speed hash graphics processors Especially those manufactured by NVIDIA.

Arrival ProgPoW to Ethereum

Developers from Ethereum decided to submit the ProgPoW code to external audits in order to avoid these concerns. In April, a team of Etereum programmers announced the financing of the audit, which will take place in July 2019 as the expected date of completion.

As predicted by developer Hudson Jameson, plans to integrate ProgPoW into the main Etherereume chain are still in progress. This could only prevent the detection of a serious error in your codeAt that time Jameson himself claimed himself.

It is expected that the codex will reach the network later this year. It is estimated that the last Ethereum split will be carried out before the transition to the network 2.0 for October. In this split, called Istambul, it would include progPoW.

Although Ethereum 2.0 will mean switching from PoW to PoS, both chains will operate in parallel for an indefinite period of time. During this period, developers will continue to improve the original chain, the team explained. For now, they have plans by 2022, although this date does not include the last step to network 2.0. So, if ProgPoW arrives with Istanbul, it will operate for at least 3 years.

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