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There will be no reference to smoking in Gears 5 or its consequences. Of course there will still be blood and violence


If this week it was announced that Netflix today is taking measures to cope with the presence of tobacco in its series Coalition officially confirms that the Gears of War saga will become a space no smoke. For starters, do not expect to find references to smoking in nearby Gears 5.

Reasons? He spoke Variety, the head of the Coalition Rod Fergusson that this decision was taken on its own initiative.

I saw firsthand the devastating impact of smoking. It was always important for me to not use tobacco as a narrative source, so we deliberately decided not to accentuate or glorify smoking in Gears 5 and in the future in the entire universe Gears of War.

It is possible to say that in the original trilogy it is possible to find references and even a figure that, among its most characteristic features, recognizes its passion for tobacco. Moreover, he interrupts his enemies with both hands and through thousands of thousands while blowing on his cigar.


Barricks 3D model, with its distinctive and inseparable cleansing

In this respect, this same weekend takes place at the Gears 5 competition in Atlanta, Georgia. The one in which the tobacco will no longer be present. But Fergusson ensures that this initiative is not a response to a kind of media pressure.

Through TwitterRod Fergusson wanted to make it clear that this was the decision does not respect any kind of censorship organization or group. Indeed this initiative originated from times Gears of War 2.

From the beginning I was against the habit of smoking and I worked hard not to be part of our franchise. Have you ever noticed that Dizzy's conceptual art for Gears 2 is a cigarette but the real figure in the game does not? I prevented that.

The aforementioned conceptual art of Dizzy

The aforementioned conceptual art of Dizzy

As a curious note in Death Stranding, we can not find the opposite case. Hideo Kojima says that the character played by Mads Mikkelsen initially was not a smoker. However, he decided that this shade would be when the player saw the throwing of cigarettes during the break.

Of course, the saga will continue to be brutalized


To minimize the presence of tobacco in video games is not a coincidence. However, the coalition ensures that everything defines it Gears of War will continue to be present in the new delivery and the ESBR classification system already draws attention to a lot of explicit content that awaits us. Including:

  • Use of machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, assault rifles and shells for killing foreign enemies.
  • Frenzied struggles, with frequent explosions, shot, screams of pain and the effects of blood syringes.
  • A weapon that allows the aliens to explode into pieces of meat.
  • Classic use of weapons in the way of a sawing machine for cutting aliens in two from the chest.
  • Finisher in which heads and heads will be crushed.
  • And of course, a dirty tongue.

All the details are counted and we are almost sure that the fact that there is no reference to tobacco will be something that a very large part of the players will not miss, while others will appreciate it. But lovers Gears You can relax: The brutality that accompanied the saga from its inception is inviolable.

Gears 5 will be available from September 10 on Xbox One and PC. Let's leave you with the first trailer.

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