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When Caldas remains in gear without sending the football to lead the league and fighting against the title of Copa Colombia, his prospects for promotion to the semifinals are still latent, despite losing on Thursday a 1- 0 towards Rionegra Águilas, at the Alberto Grisales Stadium. However, he will have to improve to make the series in Manizales next week.

The team, led by coach Jorge Luis Bernal, took advantage of their home advantage. For the first time, he had only a clear targeted option. In the same way, he was better in an aggressive game in a complementary work, where he achieved the only result of commitment.

The atmosphere before the match between Rionegra Águilas and Once Caldas was very emotional. For the first time in the house Antioquenos saw common accessories of other traditional clubs, as teams left firefighting appliances and chopped paper increased the joy of nearly 5000 enthusiasts who entered the premises.

On the football pitch both Antioquenos and Caldas were very clean.

The only feeling of the first part was the middle shot from the attacks by Humberto Osorio, eight minutes, which required goalkeeper José Fernando Cuadrado.

For the last 45 minutes, things were even more straightforward, although no one was clearly attacked. Rionegro tangled himself and Ko Caldas was not the shadow of an offensive team of other parties.

We have seen that the Eagel attack was more frontal, which is a danger every time the ball was in play.

17 minutes into the match, Marcelino Carreazo showed a yellow card after a shooting dribble from the left post of Carlos Herrera to the defender and Daniel Muñoz in the net.

Herrera leaves the game ahead, and this was when Rionegro took the opportunity to leave the speed and surprising defense of Manizales. A play of Rionegra goal was presented in the initiative by Fredy Hinestroza to left in the center of the area where Omar Vásquez lowered the ball to Estéfano Arango to finish the right foot and change the goal.

The ball was in trouble with Edwin Velasco, who made it difficult for goalkeeper Cuadrado to know where he scored.

When Caldas, a minute later, was very close to turning the tie through the shot Juan David Rodriguez, who received centimeters from the left-hand corner of goalkeeper Eagles.

With the interweaving of minutes to Rionegra they removed the desire for the attack, despite the fact that the ball overtook through the middle of the pitch, but when once Caldas, who needed a tie, reacted, although his players Johan Carbonero, 28 ST and Felipe Correa, at the time of the replacement, they spoiled only two approaches that they were able to produce.

The goalkeeper hung over for a little south and the net shaken. After a great cross, Yilton Díaz went the right way, hunting for an indegnification but Cuatrado had no chance of getting to that one.

In the end, local players were prudently celebrated. Bernal coach was calm, apparently he pointed out to doctors who after the previous match against Bucaramanga when they came to the quarterfinals where he celebrated with great emotions and presented decompensation in blood pressure.

The second leg will be this Sunday at 5:15 pm at the Palogrande Stadium in Manizales.


Rionegro Águilas 1 / Once Caldas 0

Rionegro Aguilas:
Juan David Valencia (6); Daniel Muñoz (6), Camilo Pérez (6), Carlos Ramírez (6) and Luis Mosquera (6); Francisco Rodríguez (6) and Camilo Ayala (6); Fredy Hinestroza (6), Omar Vásquez (6) and Estefano Arango (6); Humberto Osorio (5).
DT: Jorge Luis Bernal.

Who is Caldas: José Fernando Cuadrado (5); David Gómez (6), Diego Peralta (5), Andrés Felipe Correa (6) and Edwin Velasco (5); Diego Arias (5); Juan Pablo Nieto (5), Juan David Rodríguez (5), Marcelino Carreazo (5) and Johan Carbonero (5); Ricardo Steer (5).
DT: Hubert Bodhert.

Match: Good

Changes in Rionegro: Jhonny Vásquez, Omar Vásquez (29th), Yilton Díaz, Estéfano Arango (33st) and Mauricio Gómez, Fredy Hinestroza (45 + 1T).

Changed in Once Caldas: Mender García Ricardo Steer (24 ST), César Amaya Marcelino Carreazo (32 ST) and Alejandro García Juan David Rodríguez (42 ST).

Objectives: Estéfano Arango (18 ST).

Warned: Muñoz, Rodríguez (Rionegro Águilas); Steer, Nieto, Carreazo, Peralta (Once Caldas).

Issued: It was not.

Estéfano Arango (6).

Stadium: Alberto Grisales

Help: Approximately 4,500 viewers.

Office: free income.

Judge: Carlos Herrera (4).

Esteban Torres Arbeláez


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