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Revenue from suppliers shows that sales are going well


We are at a time when all technology lovers say the same: now there is no time to buy the iPhone, as we will see the introduction of new models within two months. Still, and although not as much as Christmas, Selling iPhones continues to generate revenue.

That's all normal, but it's interesting when JP Morgan's analyst Samik Chatterjee says the total revenue of a group of Apple-related suppliers of iPhone they have been growing for the fourth consecutive month. This is a sign that the sale of iPhones phones in spite of the summer and the eve of the renovation is not going bad.

Good signals from financial results

Iphone Xr

The solo conclusions with these data on the table are this the decline in sales of the iPhone is "moderation", which leads to a reduction in the risk of not achieving the predicted forecasts. JP Morgan believes that in 2019, Apple will sell 183 million units of its phone.

At the same time, he thinks it will reorganization of the distribution chain to "remove" the production of certain products outside of China. And this will take many years, because Apple has to train many groups of people to do the work once done by Chinese workers. Although there will always be exceptions, of course.

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