Friday , October 22 2021

Rescue miners in Cundinamarca


Organi oddelka Cundinamarca reported that three miners were caught in a sink in the municipality Language.

A case of Carlos Gómez, Germán Rodríguez and José Cruz, which were wanted by officials National Mining Agency (ANM) and units National Army, fire fighters Ubaté and local authorities.

Catalina Gheorghe, a mining rescue leader ANM, showed that there were more than 22 hours of continuous work after an emergency event on Friday.

"These people were sent to the health center for their medical assessment, although we can already say that they are not in danger, "Gheorghe believes.

This mining accident comes from more landslides presented in the area, where they first started work to remove material with yellow machines in order to check the extent of the incident.

Municipal authorities have ensured that search tasks were not interrupted overnight and miners have always been in constant communication with rescue teams.

One of the works that made it possible to preserve the life of miners was to install it ventilation pipes, through which they were also hydrated with the water of the panel.

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