Police Antioquia dies in the midst of persecuting offenders in Cauca


During the pursuit, the patrol collided with a garbage dump, damaging the patrols of Yimer Garcés Ortiz and Brian Alexis Holguin Mesa. The latter dies after being transferred to the hospital.

Because Brian Alexis Holguin Mesa was identified a police patrol car that died in a car crash that occurred in the midst of persecution against two crimes in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao in the north of Cauca.

According to the version of the commander of this institution in the country, Colonel Fabio Rojas, "at 6:40 am on Friday afternoon, there was a traffic accident involving a police patrol, the moment when two people who stole a taxi driver were persecuted. "

In the pursuit, the patrol is damaged by a truck that is damaged by patrols Yimer Garcés Ortiz and Brian Alexis Holguín Mesa. The latter died after transferring to the hospital of the French hospital in this municipality due to severe stress of kranjencephaly.

The evil road originated on the road Popayán-Cali, in the sector known as Las Cortinas, one of the entrances to the municipality of Santander de Quilichao.

The police said that Brian Alexis Holguín Mesa, 24, was born in Medellín, a single son of his father, and was in service for two years and four months.

Meanwhile, another uniformed, Yimer Garcés Ortiz, is recovered in a health center in this city.


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