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One of the worst bugs of iOS was discovered by a teenager who played Fortney

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Several of the telecommunication technologies we have at our disposal are at greater risk to our privacy, and we have seen this for several years. We have more options at this level, we will be more exposed, and that we have to be careful with a small computer in your pocket.

Apple was one of the last companies to have problems with this privacy, and this bug was discovered by a teenager who played Fortney. And the eye, because that's the problem Apple claims some requirements.

FaceTime is the cause of the latest privacy-related error

Group video calls from FaceTime The last weeks are causing problems, and it was discovered by a 14-year-old teenager who played Fortunj with his friends, which is actually He tried to report this for several days without much success. In fact, he even wrote to Tim Cook, director of the company, on Twitter to determine if he would be given some attention in this way.

An error, if you have been questioned, may cause your smartphone to become a hearing aid, and it happened when a group call was made in FaceTime – a feature that came into the iOS 12- operating system. And this is that you have a video call with a person and then add another contact if that other contact is the number you called from – this is yours – You could hear the sound of the person you called, even if they did not answer the video call.

This completely reveals the privacy of every user who has the iPhone, as you can, even if you have not answered a video call, hear what you are saying at the moment. And for this reason, as you said the other day, our colleagues from the iPad, Apple has decided to remove video calls in the FaceTime group until this error has been fully resolved.

As you can imagine, it has caused bladders among many people who have seen how other people could interfere in their private life by using this practice. And this often happens in many cases Apple's expenses cost some Apparently, they demand compensation for compensation that has compensated for this error, which is obviously not guilty to anyone other than an American company.

At this point, Apple withdrew FaceTime video calls, but we expect to see them again in a short time, because in the end it seems a software error that Apple's engineers would not need for long. save But as happens in these cases, the company's image is the main damage, that, as we read in CNET, we responded for a long time to the notice of the adolescent.

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