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Once Caldas vs. Nacional: analysis of the Juan Carlos Osoria team Colombian football | Eagle League


After four weeks of working in pre-season, Atlético Nacional started the League II-2019, which showed a new face under the leadership of Juan Carlos Osoria, who began his second cycle as a coach of the Verdolaga team.

First time Nacional showed the style of the game with the possession, dynamics and intensity of the game. Versions that were made according to the situation in the game. With men like Baldomero Perlaza and Daniel Bocanegra, Nacional started attacking and limiting the work of men, such as Johan Carbonero and Javier Reina. Alberto Costa began to function actively and with disturbances in the rhythm just once Caldas.

Vladimir Hernández on the left and Jarlan Barrera served as an extreme. Araucanan's work was brilliant, to the point when he scored the goal in the first minute, when José Cuadrad's goalkeeper changed his speed, but Hernán Barcos was important when he came to the mark. In fact, Argentine took Andres Correa and this was facilitated by Hernandez, who can take advantage of the poor rejection of Carlos Pájara and scissors, the result.

Some strikes from the rival in the first half of the year were what was disturbing the "green" behind. Again, as in the first cycle of Osorio, Alexis Henríquez makes cross-footage from the defense, created offensive opportunities.

In the end, Nacional made triangulations from the middle of the pitch ahead. Although in the complementary phase he suffered wear and men like "Tino" Costa and Baldomero Perlaza did not have the same capacity. That is why Osorio decides to put Yerson Candela, who will postpone Jarlan and enter Pablo Ceppelini for Baldomero.

These movements came into force only in the last minutes when Caldas had once disappeared after he equaled the result and after losing the penalty.

"Verdolagas" again took control of the game and in the end it was successful at a median distanceweapons that they tried to use for the first time and in the second that they had achieved with Uruguayan Ceppelini.

To improve: the physical aspect of the team, about 70 minutes was observed wear, the duel was lost in the middle, He suffered deeply and made mistakes in the passes. Depending on what the coach wants, he has an athletic team that can maintain intensity.

Juan Camilo Álvarez Serrano
Correspondent FUTBOLRED

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