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NEWS: A vaccine for HIV prevention can be made available in about four years


A vaccine for HIV prevention could be available in about four years and would help the immune system itself to produce anti-virus antibodies, said Jorge Sánchez, an epidemiologist and epidemiologist for EFE.

At the 10th World Science Conference on HIV (IAS 2019) in Mexico City, the Vice-President of the Center for Technological, Biomedical and Environmental Research in Lima, Peru, said that the vaccine could be effective for several strains of the virus.

The idea is that this new tool can stop the spread of this epidemic with at least 65%.

"The vaccine contains many parts that are similar to parts of the virus, so the possibility of being effective for different types or types of HIV is high," said Sanchez, a researcher.

The development of this vaccine lasted 12 years and was tested in monkeys, and studies in phase 1, 1B and 2A, which were previous stages for human effectiveness assessment, have already been studied.

The study is called Mosaic and will be run by researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the National Institute of Health, the HIV Vaccine Testing Network and the US Army Medical Research and Development Command.

This survey, to be launched in September, will be conducted in 3800 people from Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Spain and the United States, at 55 clinical locations around the world, attended by 125 Mexicans. from different cities.

Participants will be men who have sex with men and transsexuals.

"We are determined to develop an effective HIV vaccine worldwide in order to reduce the way to 1.5 million new estimated HIV infections per year," says Larry Corey MD, lead researcher of HVTN, a virologist and a member of the College of Research Cancer Fred Hutchinson in Seattle.

The expert explained that in this study half of the patients would receive a placebo and the other half a vaccine split into four doses containing the adenovirus serotype 26 that provide mosaic antigens against HIV.

These antigens will help activate the immune response of the individual to the virus.

"It's not a virus like that, it's parts of a modified virus that will identify HIV and fight it, so it will not reach any part of the body," added Sanchez.

The vaccine, said Sánchez, has already been tested in some centers in previous stages "and had results without major side effects."

The expert said that the vaccine will be another tool to prevent HIV, it will not replace other methods.

"There are several tools to prevent HIV. We have condom for decades, but we do not use it enough, there is preventive prevention (Prep) and this vaccine would be an additional tool," he said.

The study and development of the vaccine is sponsored by Janssen's pharmaceutical company and although it is expected that four years can be achieved with clear results on its effectiveness, it is not yet predicted when it will be available to the general public.

A vaccine for HIV prevention may be available in about four years.


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