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Depending on the leak, it is about generating QR codes as business cards.


IOS users can listen to voice messages while using another application, or the screen turns off.



November 19, 2018, 6:45

WhatsApp is planning a new feature to quickly add contacts. Following the WaBetaInfo portal, which was identified for successful leaks on the Instant Messaging application, WhatsApp works on two new features that would be available for iOS and Android updates.

The first is to update the Share Contact Information feature. Although it already exists, the application will try to improve the process. Because the feature will replace the current option, it will be in the same menu. (in the green message icon, in the new contact options).

The new interface, as indicated by the Leak Portal, allows you to select the country of the phone number you want to add. It will automatically mark the country code (+57 in the case of Colombia) and when adding a phone number WhatsApp will show you whether this contact is in the app (that is, you have an active WhatsApp account).

The second is a feature that allows you to share your own phone number. This feature was recently included in Instagram, under the name & # 39; Nametag & # 39;.

Whatsapp QR

Depending on the leak, QR's beta functionality will first work on iOS devices and gradually on Android systems.

During Add a new business card in WhatsApp, you can use the QR code. When reading a code, the application will automatically fill in all the information fields and the contact will be added to your address book.

According to the portal, when you first create your own QR code, the application also allows you to cancel it. This will change your "Nametag" and the previous QR code will expire. It is expected that this process will be unlimited.

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