Natalia Lafourcade explained her poor face to Malmo


Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade ruled on Saturday night at the Grammy night night prize, where she was captured by the camera with the expression of disgust for the Pais Malum Prize, which she received as "The Best Modern Pop Music Album" FAME

"Today, I want to tell my musicians to inspire me. Malum, I do not believe in what they say, because I respect their work and I always do karitas," said the Mexican who thanked his colleagues who told them to inspire.

"For my colleagues, composers and artists, I want to tell you that they are inspiring and happy to meet me in Vegas, whenever you can," added Lafourcade, who finished the debate.

After receiving the prize, Maluma said he had fulfilled one of his dreams after being nominated in different categories without getting one turntable.

Social networks spotted the face of Lafourcadea, while other artists celebrated Columbia on the galleys in Las Vegas, United States. His gesture in the social networks created comments and boundaries of all kinds.


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