I will charge EPM for Hidroituango every month: Pérez


During the beginning of the book on the alleged constructive mistakes of Hidroituango, the governor Luis Pérez He said the bill, which will be charged by the EPM for delays in the megaproject, will reach $ 4 billion if the project takes four years to generate energy.

In a book with 313 pages and the authorship of Perez himself, there is no study of a national university where the governor is based on his 8 comments on the mega project. "This report, which is 600 pages, will be delivered next week," the president said.

On October 1, Pérez pointed out the alleged faults in Hidroituango, such as errors in the construction of two redirect tunnels, the construction of an auxiliary redirect gallery, the mistake in the third redirection tunnel, the failure to close the first two tunnels, the failure to detect the first two tunnels and the negative impact of the explosive on stability of the mountain.

At the same time, on 17 October, the Management Board of Hydraulic Ituango S.A. lodged an application with the EPM for the imposition of fines for violating the constructive milestones in the project. The first bill, corresponding to October, was $ 16,000 million.

According to the government, the claim for EPM (the partner and the constructor of labor) is listed in four out of ten milestones that were included in the timetable of works that were not completed in a timely manner, such as the completion of the dam, the regular filling tank and the beginning of the generation.

For every day of delay, the milestone must pay 150 minimum monthly monthly salaries ($ 117 million), Pérez explained.

The President said that he will submit an appropriate bill every month with which he intends to implement the guarantee granted by the EPM in the Boomt contract (financing, construction, operation and maintenance).

Perez said that the penalty of penalties included in the Boomt contract foresees the maximum fine for violations of $ 450 million ($ 1.43 billion). This was added to the loss of profit for non-energy energy, the President concluded.


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