Google presents new tools for SMEs in Colombia in the Main News of Colombia Radio Santa Fe 1070 am


People use digital navigation tools around the world. In the context of shopping experience, we know that consumers use the Internet to consult with commercial institutions of interest. According to a study conducted by Provokers (July 2018), this makes 6 out of 10 consumers in Colombia. The fact is that 72% of Colombian consumers go to Google to find commercial alternatives that provide SMEs with the opportunity to interact with their audience through the search engine.

According to this study, companies that use Google to see their promotions see, take photos and share their data are 24 times more attractive to Colombian consumers than those who do not.

For this reason and in our commitment to strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises, today we announce the launch of Smart Campaigns and a new mobile application My Business, which helps merchants connect with their customers.

Create ads through smart campaigns

Small businesses from Columbia will now be able to take advantage of this new tool to promote their online business. Smart advertising campaigns based on the innovation and advertising technology available in Google ads have been created so that businesses can generate ads in minutes and get interesting results, such as creating site visits and increasing actions in your store .

"Smart campaigns are taking advantage of Google's innovation and technology to create simpler lessons. The process is simple and saves time for businesses, allowing them to set up a campaign within a few minutes and generate clear results, such as traffic and actions on their website. This strengthens our commitment to democratizing access to digital advertising so that small and medium-sized businesses can be effective in achieving their business goals, "said Kim Spalding, Google Product Manager for Smart Campaigns.

With the help of three simple steps, these companies will now be able to connect with their customers in multiple languages, generate more notifications, and guide consumers to know the most relevant or attractive aspects of their website. Every month Google helps direct 100 billion visits to SMB sites around the world and generates over 3 billion direct links.

New features of the Google My Business app

Now, the app will allow traders to:

Keep track of your business in real time: know common views, searches, and actions your company generates.
Interacting with your customers: allowing traders to build and monitor their audience, allowing them to interact with the same applications.
Easily create your content: Update your photos, publications, products, and services in one place.

The new app gathers the best My Company to integrate it with new practical and easy-to-use features that enable small and medium-sized businesses to update their data from their mobile phone to attract more and more consumers.


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