Saturday , July 24 2021

free with Bancolombia with the Tributi platform in 2 hours

The Bancolombia income statement service can be prepared digitally to make it as practical as possible.

“As a Bancolombia customer, you can use Tributi for easy and secure income tax calculation at no cost,” the company states on its website.

Income tax return: how to do it for free thanks to Bancolombia

The bank entered into an alliance with Platform, a professional company for tax issues, which has been operating for 4 years on the market reports La República.

To perform the procedure, you only need to perform three very simple steps, as it says on the Bancolombia website:

  1. Create a user or enter an account on the Tributi platform with personal information.
  2. Answer some questions that correspond to economic activities in 2020.
  3. Upload the required documents according to the information presented.

This benefit is intended for Bancolombia customers, but the conditions for the time of delivery of the income statement differ depending on the plan.

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The company’s website explains this for people who have a standard plan delivery time is a maximum of 48 hours, while for those with a payment invoice the maximum time is 2 hours.

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Among the conditions, he points out that the production is supported by this platform it covers all tax situations, offers support throughout the process and offers a guarantee against penalties.

Among the documents normally required for the income statement are:

  • RUT Updated.
  • Certificate of income and deduction.
  • Bank certificates.
  • Last year’s income statement (if applicable).
  • Certificates of financial performance.
  • Pension certificates and AFC accounts.
  • Real estate tax in the name of the person reporting.
  • Certificates of investments, dividend income and pension funds.

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