For life insurance, the young people would try their mother in the North Caucasus


November 16, 2018 – 05:50 s.



The young man is accused of having participated in the attempt to marry his mother in the authorities of Santander de Quilichao, a municipality in Northern Caucasus. Due to this fact, which took place in the afternoon of last Tuesday, the lawyer Victoria MarĂ­a Romero Quintero was injured.

A woman who was attacked by two people traveling on a blue motorcycle received a bullet in her chest, which led her to a local hospital and then took her to the Valle Clinic. Lili from Cala.

According to doctors, the expert is in danger and is recovered from the operation she was exposed to in order to avoid the injuries caused by her wounds in the chest, which she almost cost.

According to the authorities, his son was a person who was driving a motorcycle at the time of the event. According to the first versions of the ongoing investigation, the young man participated in the attack and then collected life insurance for $ 1,500 million.

Police chief in Kavka, Colonel Fabio Rojas, said that the officials of the National Protection Unit informed the authorities when they were questioning the authorities to start prosecuting the attackers for whom the operation was fencing the objects.

While Romero Quintero fought during his life and death at the hospital, his sons were captured by a plan that was locked on the main streets of the city, which caused the thrill of those responsible for the attack.

"In the midst of court support, one of the captured men was suited to the son of a lady. It was the person who was driving a motorcycle used for the killing of a murder, as well as for his subsequent escape," Colonel Rojas said.

"This case was jointly blamed in this case with the accomplice of the crime of committing a grave assassination and, before the judge, will refrain from the arrest of flagrante delicto, held at Carrera 13 by Calle 16 near El Libertador," the official added.

In the midst of capturing these two objects, the authorities seized a 38-gauge revolver, with four cartridges and two striking vanillas. The authorities have confirmed that the victim, lawyer, owns life insurance for the above quantity.

The decision of the court administrator against the judicial positions of the prisoners is expected after the attorney attaches the criminal offense of attempted murder and demands a measure of deprivation of liberty before the son of the victim and his accomplice.

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