Diva Jessurum no longer goes to the "Show Caracol"


It's been a barranquiller for many years Diva Jessurum was seen in front of the screen Show Caracol, but it was time to say goodbye.

Morning this Friday November 16th the last leader's presentation was given because it will no longer be in the program. The decision to leave has already been revealed by the Diva itself Instagram at night on the last Thursday, November 15th.

"I'm still part of the Caracol Channel. I'm continuing with" Se Dice de Mí ", which will take place on Saturdays and I have a new project that we started to work on Monday (…). We are going with a big project that has never been before he was not seen on Colombian television. It will revolutionize, change the way of entertaining journalism, confirmed Jessurum.

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Barranquilla stressed that new projects will be in Ljubljana Television Caracol, and next year he will have a space dedicated to entertaining journalism. "I feel very honored and grateful to all the team, bosses, because this is my confession, trust and crazy things that I said at the time", he said.

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