Wednesday , March 3 2021

Covered by the nickname Samir the leader of El Salad in the municipality of 13

In his Twitter account, Medellin Mayor Federico Gutiérrez reported the capture of the nickname of Samir, a perpetrator named Comuna 13, in the west of the city.

"The nickname" Samir "is the head of the criminal group" El Salado ", which caused terror in the municipality of 13, which leads to the gathering of extortion to the population and selective murders. Congratulations and thanks to @policiacolombia @policiamedellin SIPOL, SIJIN and @FiscaliaCol" social network was written by the local president without specifying the circumstances surrounding the official procedure.

General Óscar Gómez, commander of the Metropolitan Police, then said that Samir Alexánder Jaramillo Cartagena, the Samir nickname, was caught on Saturday afternoon when he drove a car on the Aranjuez road and was intercepted by a police officer. Sipol and Sijin.

He found that he had a false identity card, but the agents who had followed him for several months were allegedly suspected of wearing a brush with which he tried to ignore and conceal his appearance from the one he had on the poster most searched in the city.

On Sunday, the Guarantee Court issued a guarantee measure at the El Pedregal Prison and, tomorrow, at the press conference, Mayor Gutiérrez and the police gave more details on the capture.

Samir began the delinquency in the van La Sexta, which operates in the neighborhood of Betania, but last year he split up with this group and continued with the El Salado. He destroyed the merger with the La Torre van and caused a violent confrontation with his former allies in the neighborhood of Betania, led by his old friend Juancito. This confrontation caused around 15 murders last year, including public service bus drivers.

Since mid-June, the authorities of Antioquia, the capital, have been attacking an investigation against Alexander Jaramillo Cartagena, the nickname Samir, who has ordered several murders in court in court of judicial investigations.

For this man, 20 million pesos were rewarded.

According to General Gómez Heredia, men were one of the most sought-after in the municipality, 13 and they were weighed over arrest warrants for crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime and murder.

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