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"Chicho" Serna: "It would be great for a Bottle for the Olympic Games in Monumental"


The semi-finalist Antioquia, who has won six titles, Blue and Gold Dressed, talks about what can be the first part of the Copa Libertadores de América final which will be on Saturday (15:00, Fox Sports) in Colombia

With excellent power, he was able to sail to the center of Boca Juniors. Although he has only played four seasons with a blue and gold shirt, Mauricio Serna has won half a dozen titles: three home tournaments (opening 98, closing 99 and opening in 2000), two Copa Libertadores (2000 and 2001) and one Intercontinental (2000) against strong Real Madrid, no less. Chicho, this intense link in recovery, is the voice that is empowered to talk about the superclásico, which will be defined by the Copa Libertadores de América. This incomparable match that fascinates the whole continent and the world.

Talk, hand in hand The viewer, is located in the popular Tortoni Café, on Mayo Avenue. Serna displays the same stamp as in the golden days, though with some extra pounds. "The shirt is just right for me," he had a good time. And he analyzes this Boka River, which will start at 3.00 with the release of Fox Sports, in the bombers loaded with fans. This will be a sensational game that will have five colombias as the protagonists, as in the time when Chicho The team shared with Óscar Córdoba and Jorge Bermúdez, and on the other side were Mario Alberto Yepes and Juan Pablo Ángel.

Wílmar Barrios, Sebastián Villa (both holders) and Edwin Cardon will wear a yellow tie on the blue hull. Rafael Santos Borré and Juan Fernando Quintero will wear a red ribbon on a white chest.

As in those old superclasses you played with, there is a great Colombian presence in this Boca River.

For Colombia, this end result is also a privilege. Five relatives can be the protagonist of this historical fact and for our football it is very big.

What kind of analysis are made by Colombians from Boca?

Cardona dropped the level. The statements of his representative did not help him. We can not broadcast the concept at a distance. Edwin said well, he felt that he did not play; I do not think there were strong words. But he is a player who can change the game at any time. It was a good goal to score against Tigar. The villa is a very pleased player, but it is a quiet, low profile that does not seem too much, but Boca has returned, Guillermo has edited several issues in the operation, being very quick and able to play in the sector opposite Pavón. He saved the tactical situation. And what Barrios deserves a separate point. Because I was one of their best advocates, I knew I could play in Boca. He is the only player in this team, which has no substitute. Wílmar is one of the few players who almost do not get injured and do not score and usually play with seven or eight qualifying points. And finding a player with these characteristics is a guarantee.

And what kind of evaluation of your neighbors?

Santos Borré is a player who came from less into more. It has many categories, but it was accompanied by an adjustment in Europe. Gallardo believed in him, suffered him, and won the city with his own merit. I like the personality that is being shown. Quintero is a crack. Another player. He knows it and it was very good for river football. No matter how much you comment on the style that your physics does not reach to play for 90 minutes, this is a great value.

Will Bottle miss Fabra who is injured?

He missed the whole semester because in several passages of the game, Frank was transformed into another attacker.

What about Armani? He is also a footballer with the past in Colombia. Can it be the key?

Since he came in and dressed the river shirt, Franco showed that he was a key player. I already did this in Columbia, at the Club Nacional I love. He responded greatly to winning the World Cup. And he continues to ratify it, because he called again. It has a high level.

Does the river use Boka with Armani over Agustin Rossi?

I do not think you can compare. Since Rossi is 22 years old, he has 70 matches in the first in Boca and is a double champion. And at this age, Armani has not appeared anywhere. Then, at the time of parallels, it must be deeper. I hope Rossi continues along this path. I see that it is more secure, more certified, tolerates security. And if it continues at this level, you have to see where Rossi is in five years.

What kind of game do you imagine?

One well closed. I feel a mouth that will be smarter than previous games. Guillermo learned from the mistakes of the past. Nobody will give anything away. But I think Boca will win.

Here is the definition of who is the best technician: Marcelo Gallardo or Guillermo Barros Schelotto?

Guillermo is being liquidated for losing his half to Independiente del Valle and forgetting that the river also fell with Ecuadorians. You have to appreciate what he did. Gallardo has more back than he won eight titles. And I do not think this will change, no matter how much Bottle wins Libertadores, which is my biggest wish. I hope I can turn to Monumental on November 24th. It would be great.

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