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One of the most popular players in Turkish soaps is undoubtedly Caner Cindoruk, A 41-year-old artist who has won widespread acclaim for his spectacular performances in “A woman“, Where he denotes Sarpa (Bahar’s husband) and” Infidel “, with Volkan Arslan (Asya’s husband). Because of these works, his name has crossed borders and is today revered throughout Latin America and Spain.

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Also known as George Clooney, Turkish, the actor made his production debut in 2007 “Black sun”, Where he got the lead role. In addition to working on the small screen, Caner has appeared in two films and directed four plays since 1999.

Cindoruk is the son of a famous writer Victory Breakfast, which has received two of the most important literary awards over the years turkey. The patriarch is also one of the biggest promoters of the artistic career of Caner and his other two sons, who also dedicate themselves to acting. In the following lines, find out who the brothers of the Ottoman star are and in which productions you have probably seen them.

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On "A woman", actor Caner Cindoruk plays Sarpa, Bahar's husband, who was thought to be dead (Photo: Med Yapım / MF Yapım)
In “Female”, actor Caner Cindoruk plays Sarpa, Bahar’s husband, who was thought to be dead (Photo: Med Yapım / MF Yapım)


Adanense has two younger brothers named Munir Can Cindoruk and Taner Cindoruk, who also have an artistic streak.


The other of the brothers is Taner Cindoruk, a renowned 40-year-old poet who has also participated in some productions. He made his debut with the novel in 2009 “Butterfly” and one of his last series is “Yesilçam”, was published in 2021. In November 2011, Taner published a book “Believing in a child is not the end”, which translated into Spanish means “Faith in children has no end”.

Taner Cindoruk published the book
Taner Cindoruk published the book “Faith in a Child Has No End” en 2011 (Photo: Taner Cindoruk


He is the youngest in the clan Munir Can Cindoruk, A 31-year-old who was trained to Istanbul University. His most famous works are “School Tirasi” (2021), “Death of Black Horses” (2022) y “Ankara Summer Farewell Letter” (2016). According to his social networks, the actor’s second passion would be photography, as his profile has more than 100 snapshots where his brothers and nature are his main inspiration.

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Munir Can Cindoruk is the youngest of three brothers (Photo: Munir Can Cindoruk / Instagram)
Munir Can Cindoruk is the youngest of three brothers (Photo: Munir Can Cindoruk / Instagram)



According to its main role in “A woman”, Caner Cindoruk He participated in series such as “Zemheri” (2020), where he played Ertan Demirkan, and “Sadakatsiz” (2020), where he gave life to Volcan Arslan.

But these are not the only roles he has played in his career. In 2008, he joined the cast of the series “Yaprak Dökümü”, where he gave his life to dr. Nazmi. In 2016, he joined the main cast of the second season of “Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem”, where he played Silahtar Mustafa Pasha, a member of a close circle and friend of Sultan Murad (Metin Akdülger).

On the other hand, there is the first media relationship Caner Cindoruk It was with Ebru Özkan, with whom he graduated in February 2014. He was then related to Gökçe Bahadir, in 2017 he began a relationship with Farah Zeynep Abdullah, his partner in »Magnificent Century: Kösem”, And in July 2019 she started dating Selin Sekerci, but their romance ended in September of the same year.

The Turkish actor has become a phenomenon on social media, for example, he already has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, who are usually compared to the Hollywood star: George Clooney.


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