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In this month, the company announced 10 job offers related to processor design.

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To date, the company started with AirPods and Apple Watch wireless chips, but did not produce its own complete wireless systems for the iPhone, its best-selling device.


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November 15, 2018, 03:47 s.

Technical giant Apple, according to Bloom, intensively hires engineers in San Diego, where the Qualcomm seat is located, develop processors and wireless components, which would mean that Apple plans to build its own chips.

This month, Apple announced 10 job offers on its website for sites in this city related to chip design; This is the first time that a technology giant based in Cupertino, California, publicly recruits staff for such applications. Engineers working on the Neural Engine processor and wireless chips were involved in free jobs.

The relationship between Qualcomm and the apple company has changed substantially in recent months. The manufacturer used the iPhone chips, but after a series of legal disputes over the alleged patents of Apple and Qualcomm patents, they concluded a trade agreement.

In this way, the criterion for hiring professionals in wireless technology at the site where Qualcomm is located only increases this battle, indicating that
Apple has taken steps to further reduce dependence on external chip makers and may be preparing to introduce more wireless chips that are developing within the company.

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