Tuesday , October 26 2021

Alejandra Azcárate and Nairo Quintana Perrean in the “Masks” of the RCN channel


Nairo Quintana He was the first star to reveal her identity in a new program on the RCN channel, where Alejandra Azcárate serves as one of the members of the rating table.

When the runner came on stage, none of the jurors were able to figure out who it was. Actress Lina Tejeiro thought he was a fashion expert Franklin Ramos, comedian “Juanda Caribe” replaced him for Cochise and Azcárate for music producer Jair Martínez.

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“How we were so awful we didn’t know you were … Nairo, what a shame for you,” Alejandra herself spoke on behalf of her companions and asked for applause for the ‘bug’.

Finally, Quintano was asked to sing J Balvin’s song, with which he first appeared, but without covering his face.

So the jury members took the opportunity to take the stage and dance with the Arkea-Samsic runner, who managed to admit that the dress was really “You sweat more than on a bike.”

In fact, the most attached to him was Azcarate herself, with whom Nairo became popular perreo with a microphone in hand.

Nairo Quintana in “Masks,” by RCN

This is how Twitter users responded to the cyclist’s appearance in the new program:

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