Zheng Zhi: Never say "no" to national football until the national team is compulsory – News – Global IC store starts here – ICEach.com


  1. Zheng Zhi: Never say "no" to national football. To the extent necessary for the national team, it is ranked on the national football team _ real-time Chinese live theater
  2. National football plan no. 15 and Luneng U23 are heated before taking out Lippi
  3. National football prepares for 7 people to suffer injuries, Asian Cup can be put into strong test Lippi _ Wang Dalei Sohu
  4. Luneng U23 has arrived in Haikou that he is the king of national football king Daley, in order for the state to give up the review
  5. Zheng Zhi: the physical reserve for the training competition should be the last Asian Cup.
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