Yuexiu Real Estate: 2018 contract sales amounted to 57,783 billion yuan, an increase of 41% – 100 million yuan, Yuexiu, China Net, about, one, eight – China Real Estate


2019-01-10 23:06:53 Source: China Net Real Estate

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On the evening of 10, Yuexiu Real Estate revealed a sales briefing. In December 2018, the contracted sales amounted to approximately RMB 11,308 billion, an increase of approximately 128% compared to the same period last year.

In 2018, the total contractual amount of sales was RMB 57.783 billion, an increase of about 41% over the same period last year. The total amount of contractual sales represented approximately 105% of the contractual sales target of RMB 55 billion in 2008.

In December 2018, the sales volume was approximately RMB 1,665 billion and the sales area was about 71,800 square meters.

If sales and orders are combined, the total sales and sales area will reach approximately 59.44 billion RMB or approximately 2,480,700 square meters.

(Source of the article: China Net Real Estate)


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