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Recently, Liu (pseudonym) from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, bought a new Mercedes-Benz at Xi's Lizhixing Mercedes-Benz 4S for 660,000 yuan, and found that the engine had run out before the car was opened.The answer given by the store is that in three packages the engine can be replaced. Later, part of Ms. Liu sits in a Mercedes-Benz car in Mercedes-Benz 4S shop crying rights defense video on the network exposed, cited a lot of netizens hot discussion.

On 12 April, Ms Liu said in the interview that she would not circumvent the case, and that she would also like to take everyone to defend their rights. I did not receive any official Mercedes-Benz or 4S official and I received a relatively formal answer.

It has been reported that the Market Surveillance Office Xi has set up a joint investigation team composed of industry and trade, quality control and price departments, and is investigating whether the vehicle has quality problems before it is sold.

According to the latest Shaanxi News report, on April 13, the vehicle owner was presented to a joint investigation unit at the Western Electronic Mall, the industrial and commercial office of the high-tech department of the city market surveillance office Xi to participate in the investigation.At the same time, eight complaints points should be highlighted:

1. Examine the history of the vehicle and ask for the basic condition of the vehicle to the warehouse until the sales period;

2. Is the verification of the PDI of a vehicle true whether the inspector has qualifications and what checks were carried out between 22 March and 27 March, whether the vehicle inspection checked the problem and whether the inspector had a qualification;

3. The third person has no interest in testing the vehicle, if this is a quality problem, it will be replaced by the law, but if it is a problem with the three packages, we are ready to accept it. We legitimately defend our rights;

4. Check that 4s shop violates my right to know in the sales process, whether there is compulsory spending and whether the fee for financial services is reasonable? Ask whether the investigation is unlawful, how many consumers perceive passively each year;

5. standardize vehicle inspection in the automotive industry and the quality of employees;

6, an official of Mercedes-Benz, who gave formal apologies and information;

7. compensation for personal pecuniary damage;

8. Restore chaos in selling the automotive industry and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


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