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Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, November 18 Topic: Time competition and the fight against disasters – remember the islands of the "Life Channel" of Lake Baige in Jinshi

Xinhua Zhang Hailei news agency, Kang Jinqian

In the winter, the Jinsha River continued a smooth past, a river flowing through the drainage basin flows downstream.

"This time it was inextricably linked to the 7.5km road." 17. In the Baiyu district government, the danger of Lake Baiga in the Jinshi River was lifted. Baiyu County Accident Prevention and Disaster Relief and Accident Management Bureau of the Tibetan Autonomous Region of Ganzi, Sichuan Provincial Secretary Tower, reported with gratitude to the Xinhua News Agency journalist.

The "section of the road" in the tower is the only way that the rescue equipment reaches the top of the dam and the only way. Now he draws attention to the two days of constant fighting, he still seems incredible. "Three machines, five drivers, minus ten degrees and 7.5 kilometers of life channels in the mountains."

At 17:00 on November 3, less than a month, the collapse of Lake Baige has been demolished again. Depending on the difference between the water level and the height of the dam of the partition lake, the expert group on the spot assessed that in a short period of time it is unlikely that the natural outflow will become the only option for manual excavation of the drainage tank.

Rescue equipment must reach the river from the village of Shiba in the city of Ronggai and then go to the top of the dam along the dried riverbed. However, the section is 7.5 km from the village to the coast of the hilly slope. If there is no road, the rescue equipment can not enter.

"You can only open the road to transport large equipment on the ground," said Chen Hao, a member of the on-site expert group and senior management of the Sichuan Provincial Water Resources Department.

"Numerous life-saving equipment No. 9 must get to the dam!" The heavy and dangerous task of opening the 7.5-mile life channel has fallen to the shoulder of the tower.

During this time, the water in a partition lake exceeded 100 million cubic meters in only two days, and the water level increased more than 20 meters. From 5 to 6 days, the water supply in one day increased by 100 million cubic meters. For tens of thousands of people in the downstream and thousands of hydroelectric workers on the go, they can hang a lake on the head at any time "pours out".

Overnight, a snow-covered road, the tower excavated the equipment from the village of Zamba at 5:40 to 6th place.

"Do not eat, first dig!" When he thought of the rising water storage capacity, Ouya Hua, the head of the China Hydroelectric Power Plant, screamed with a scorpion.

"It's all steep slopes, the greatest slope is 45 degrees, many pebbles and branches." The driver of the excavator, Xiaorong, remembered the scene of the day. "For the smooth functioning of our District Judge Ayang Dengzhu, he was in the scene. He ran in and out in the jacket, his voice was croaking and his lips were frozen."

The white snoop at night is minus ten degrees, the snow floating in the cold wind. Dark forests, rugged mountain roads and it is very difficult to dig a road under such conditions.

211 million squares! 271 million square meters! 324 million square meters! Ayang Dengzhu Mobile Phone WeChat Group has occasionally updated the latest water storage capacity in the Bari lake. "It's a lifeline and whether the rescue equipment can be at the top of the dam depends on that road," he said.

To compete with time, they decided to let the three machines not turn off and that the driver's drive rotates. The tower set up a small tent on the side of the road. The driver wore a cotton coat and sat on an inner rest. "It was cold at night, the ears and forehead were as painful as acupuncture, and later they were stupid." The tower told reporters that it did not rest for three days and two nights.

3 km! 5 km! 7 km! Anxious Ayang Dengzhu occasionally calculates the length of the excavated time …

On August 8, the sky gradually became white, and the horizon became wider. "To the river!" At 10:25 the "Life Channel" is open!

At 14:30 on the same day, the first supercharger came to the top of the dam.

The rapporteur learned that while excavators are competing with time on the 7.5-mile life channel, the "motorcycle team" spontaneously organized by local people acts as the second wave of opening.

When a number of experts, followers and construction workers came to the Zhaba village transfer station, nearby villagers can not sit quietly. They spontaneously left their village to the village of Shenggong. More than ten to over a hundred …

"River water will affect our houses, and the increase in water storage will also be endangered by people at a lower level and others will not help. We want to send people from the working group to the river as soon as possible." When the farmer was Zeren Sangzhu, he was a little embarrassed.

In order to get the time until they became a transfer station, the villagers promptly instigated a motorcycle to travel the crew on the road in the bush.

The whole process is steep. For the safety of villagers, they use a foot braking ground. The worst place is smaller than one leg. Some people have face bleeding on the faces.

The motorcycle was broken and was repaired by itself, there was no oil and was added alone, and more than ten days a day they moved between a steep mountain road. The staff members sent in the past have repeatedly touched the villagers and expressed their gratitude for the money, but they are not.

"Our own home, our own water, now encounters so much, they all help us solve the problem of how we can ask for money," said the resident of the village of Shengze Village Dan Ze.

Due to the timely excavation of the outflow, by 16 o'clock on the 13 th, the Baige Lake drainage was greater than the inflow, while the water storage was gradually decreasing. Experts estimated that the danger in the upper stream of the lake was alleviated.

When I heard the news, the villagers of Baden Dorje returned the staff and his hanging heart finally fell. Living along the river for generations, the river Jinsha, which is constantly flowing, is in their hearts a "mother river". Baden Dorje: "I want to go to the river to listen to the sound of water."


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