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Tickets for the eighth day of the forbidden city were sold out, and tourists have to book for the New Year in the palace.

Del Forbidden City "The Forbidden City in the Forbidden City" after the festival is not reduced

Tickets for the eighth day of the forbidden city were sold out.

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At the scene of the "Forbidden City in the Forbidden City" event in the forbidden city, the renovated lights in the palace were colorful and full of festive ambitions. Beijing journalist Li Muyi photography

A series of activities in the forbidden city "Year in the Forbidden City" continued to be popular during this spring holiday, which caused a boom during the visit, which after the holidays remained unchanged. In the pre-sale of tickets at the Museum of the Forbidden City, a journalist noted yesterday that February 12 (New Year's Day) was the first day of the open door after the holiday ban of the forbidden city, which was sold out on February 13 (New Year's Eve) Less than 40,000.

Due to a series of activities in the "Forbidden City in a Forbidden City", the National Palace Museum has become a popular place for tourists from all over the country during the spring holiday, and has been in the ranks for a long time. The system of pre-tickets for the forbidden city also prepared the scene of "one ticket is difficult to find", and on February 4th, the tickets for the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival were sold out.

The series of activities in the "Prohibited Place in the Forbidden City" continued from 8 January to 7 April, and the museum of the palace began the exhibition "New Year's Eve – A Great Year in the Forbidden City", the restaurant of the Chinese New Year's venue, the Qianqing Palace Digital Immersion Experience Exhibition "China's old-fashioned old palace, the National Palace Museum" and many other special festivals, the forbidden city is full of years of taste.

This activity, in the traditional off-season, lifted the heat of the Forbidden City, while during the holidays, the daily border of the National Palace Museum reached 80,000 people, and visitors to the New Year's Museum increased by 42.9%. The palace museum's president, Shan Yuxiang, recently announced that the number of visitors to the National Museum palaces over the weekend before the spring holiday exceeded 70,000, which is more than 70% more than in previous years.

Shan Yuxiang said that the spring festival is the most frequent festival for ordinary people, I hope that during the festival, everyone will be able to leave the house, visit the museum and get acquainted with the traditional culture in addition to the spring holiday, party and New Year's Eve.

The forbidden city fully implemented online ticket sales and canceled the window for ticket sales on the spot. The exhibition "Palace of the Palace" for the digital immersion must be pre-booked in the pre-sale of tickets for the visit.

Scene 1

Chaoyang Park Temple Fair set exotic customs

"Can you give me some tea?" A stranger dressed in a flying suit sat in a hot air balloon and smiled at the tourists and donated a teapot, which made the audience have a mobile phone for photographing. On the other hand, there are also tourists who eat candied have and watch old Beijing craftsmen. At the 16th Beijing International Chaoyang Festival, everyone can watch the wonderful performances of ten artists and eleven performing performers, enjoy traditional "non-legacy" traditions and experience a strong flavor of the year.

Following the movement of people to the park, two prominent "giraffes" caused tourists to get angry and the children came forward and conditionally touched. It turned out that these "giraffes" were played by foreign street artists, "giraffes" went under the guise of drumming, sometimes they photographed with tourists, sometimes they lowered their heads to allow children to touch their heads. Tourists can also meet with the "Resurrection Resurrection" that is slowly walking down the street, or encountering an "uninvited guest" who is naughty and funny, and even recognizes a "global traveler" who "flies" to Beijing. This year's international festival in Poland Street artists from the United Kingdom, Spain, Colombia and other countries will visit the park and allow visitors to enjoy exotic performances without leaving the country.

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Foreign actors and children participated at the Shijingshan Amusement Park. Beijing journalist Wu Ning photography

"In addition to recognizable street performances and stage performances, we also invited ethnic dance groups from Greece and Romania, and their passionate dances will help to light the whole festive atmosphere." An appropriate person in the Chaoyang Park was introduced.

Although the main theme of the "international customs", this year's Chaoyang Park "foreign temple fair" first presented the traditional culture of "non-legacy". In the traditional exhibition space "Ne-legacy", which is located on the eastern side of the main stage, ten traditional traditional handicrafts are concentrated, such as old pekingese rabbits, cut paper, Maoer monkey, windshield and dough. In addition to the traditional floral blessing pieces of paper, the holiday Golden Pig Baofu and Fuzhu cut into paper-cut samples are exciting visitors. "It's fun and festive when you put it on the window." Gao, who was born this year, happily bought one. (Reporter Fan Yizhen)

Scene 2

Drawing ice sculptures appear in the Shijingshan Amusement Park

Yesterday, at the Shijingshan Fair in the Shijingshan Amusement Park, a spring festival was held, where the public can not only experience the Jingwei culture, but also enjoy the international performance. This year's "Ice and Snow" art museum was first presented at the Shijingshan Amusement Park, the snow melted away, a crystal clear ice sculpture and created a dreamy ice castle for children.

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In the Chaoyang Park, a foreign passenger dressed in a flight is "sitting" in a balloon. Beijing journalist Wu Ning photography

The project "Ice and Snow Mirage" is about 800 square meters, with creative interactive space, a boutique space for an ice sculpture, a written castle area and an ice area. On the snowy surface, white snow slowly falls, and children can make snowflakes and window gratings in a small courtyard full of years in a "snowy town", while children in the colorful ice slides experience a thrill of wind; In the area of ​​ice brick, floor tiles can feel the speed of visitors and present various colors, paving the rainbow road. "Ice sculptures are made here by the masters of the iceberg sculptures of Harbin. In enclosed spaces they are only 8 ° C under the ceiling." Li Anyang, the person responsible for the gallery, was cold and flat, and the children played hot.

At the southern door of the amusement park, red and yellow arched corridors have created a holiday and holiday atmosphere, making it the most popular photographic background for tourists. Two types of drums under the lamps are very popular, and passers-by tourists will "snap" a few bumps. Old Beijing is selling, double spring, more treasures, alegro … Dongyuan Beijing Dongyuan Cultural Exhibition is very lively.

This year, the temple fair was first presented by the "Jolly International Grand Circus", which consists of more than 40 players from 8 countries, including Italy, Spain and Germany. The inspiring "altitude wired" acrobatics, ridiculous clown dances, magical magic and other programs were turning around, and the audience, especially children, was full of enthusiasm, shouts, applause and laughter.

This year, puppies for dolls have become the most popular element in amusement parks, and many children have put their pigs on their heads. More than nine o'clock, there were some pink and cute baby babies, which are the upcoming "hot spot" of the parade. When tourists saw him, they immediately rushed to take photographs. (Journalist Zhang Wei)

Scene 3

Animals from the zoo "are hunting for the first time" and eating dumplings

News in Beijing (journalist Zhou Yi) Although the Spring Festival holidays are nearing its end, the enthusiasm of tourists is not decreasing. According to the release of the City Park Management Center, 11 city parks and the China Garden Museum received a total of 410,000 tourists. Among them there were 117,700 people in the summer palace, 79,800 people in the heavenly temple and 46,000 people in the zoo ranked among the first three. (Reporter Ni Wei)

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