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The film industry has been transformed, Hollywood's "discourse priority" does not work?



From the British Film Academy in 2019, see the "Great Change" on the Oscar nomination list this year.


The film industry is transformed and Hollywood's "discourse priority" does not work?

Green Book has again accepted "Driving for Mrs. Daisy," and "New Yorker" Brody is unwittingly sworn in: "Miss Daisy Driving" is 29 years old, "Green" The book is still capable of enthralling Oscar judges, embarrassment in the industry. "The picture shows the photos of the" green book ".

Of "The Birth of a Star," featuring Lady Gaga, ranked shortlisted for the best actress, and the comment said she did not play "an unknown girl from dust from stars" to convince the audience. The picture shows the photos.

For "We are waiting for a movie like" Black Panther ", but" Black Panther "is not the movie we are waiting for." The "Black Panther" controversy is seen by people, the film represents science fiction, witchcraft and the future landscape. Wonderful mashups with primitive Africa and Hollywood's "self-superiority." The picture shows a poster for the movie.

■ Reporter Liu Qing

Two days ago, the British Film Academy announced in 2019 (BAFTA) that this award is known as "Oscar Sisters" in the line. Netflix's "Rome" keeps the start of the autumn and winter season of prizes, "beloved" and "green skin". The book and Bohemian Rhapsody share the most important prizes, which award Oscar awards, which are awarded one month later.

Actually, on the day of the Oscars' shortlist, news about the heavy industry, which had sparked the Hollywood industry, were also published: Netflix accepted the American Film Association as a number outside Disney, Paramount, Sony, Fox, Universal and Warner. Seven members, industry status "Internet movie" has been confirmed.

"The First Person on the Moon", "Hellfire" and "The Leader", formerly treated as "The Standard Oscars", have nothing to do with the Oscar nomination, the films "Rome" and "Bast Folk" are two. 15 nominations, the new movie "New Moon Boy", Barry Jenkins' new film "If Bill Street is able to talk", was excluded from the main prizes, and "Black Panther" experienced various controversies and outbursts and turned into the best film. Candidates – This is the first time that a superhero movie has officially entered the Oscars selection system. In the past, Oscar-winning "predator" producer Harvey Weinstein was involved in the lawsuit, and the emerging Netflix was officially the "top", which had more or less influenced the impact of this year's Oscar selection.

There are signs that Oscar's voice is changing as the Hollywood industry is changing. But the balance between "change" and "unchanged" is subtle, is Oscar more concerned with the color of skin, gender and aesthetics? The answer may not be optimistic.

Directors "I took the Oscar" are recklessly ignored.

Among the eight pieces selected for the best film, the remake of "The Birth of the Stars" is the most thrilling, rainy, and self-portraying Bradley Cooper is ambitious, but unfortunately the judges ignore him. The nomination for the best director was lost.

"The birth of the star" was excluded from the core competition, the reason is obvious: Cooper did not show the ability to speak with the classics in this classic remake, but the imagination and practical skills at the director's level are limited. . Lady Gaga's stars can not play an unnamed girl who "radiates the brilliance of stars from dust" to convince the audience, mostly because Cooper's ability to lead a player is not good when a woman is basically not enough, a director and men with Cooper. It is very embarrassing to use a close-up "exceptional" to emphasize yourself.

Cooper's directorial debut became the best in a competition for a film competition and a group of "pre-seeded seeders" who appeared with him in the autumn film festival, which this year has quietly passed through the small world of Oscar. Damien Chazere is a "good student" in the Oscar test system, "Burst Drummer" is a hit, "Philharmonic City" fails, and this "first man on the moon" – "American hero" The film's theme was straight and calm, at first glance it was positive, because I did not expect it to be released after the official opening of the season. Regarding the coldness of "the first person on the moon", there are many speculations and gossips, and rumors have evolved into Oscar's secret politics space. However, the comment in the French "Movie Handbook" analyzes the profits and losses of the film itself: "The director is really ignorant. He wants to reproduce the era of heroes and tries to think about age from the point of view of anti-heroes. in the film. "

The film's first man on the moon was featured at the Venice Film Festival, at the same time in Toronto and other film festivals, the "12 Year Slave" directed by Steve McQueen's new film "The Widow's Association," the director of "Moonlight Boy" The new film by Barry Jenkins "If Bill Street Can Talk", the new "Leader" film directed by Jason Reitman "In The Cloud" is regarded as the scene of the "Great Year of the Oscar" and you "get used to it" Directors who shot the Oscars were this year ignored.

Also, the older people of Zemigis and Eastwood were overlooked. Zemigis's "Forrest Gump" has long been a legend. Over the past 20 years, he fell from the top and returned. "Welcome to Ma Wenzhen" is a veteran trying to be identified by the mainstream rating system. The work, made from the documentary of the same name, tells how the veteran, affected by psychological trauma after the war, fled in a small world created with dolls. Unfortunately, "Welcome to Marvin Town" was only proposed by the Association of Industrial Visual Effects, which was not enough to offset the defeat of the box office and Oscar completely ignored it and did not receive any nominations. Eastwood was also turned. At the age of 88, he directed and worked at "Xunzi" and played World War II veteran who participated in a Mexican drug trafficking team. But this time, "Xunzi" failed to enter the best film candidate, such as "Million Dollar Baby", "Iron Island Letter" and "American Sniper". Captain "has given enough attention and discussion.

During a business complaint and aesthetic assessment

On the Oscar nomination list, the "transformation" in the dark, the truth is anxiety in Hollywood, as the strongest entertainment industry in the world, has to face an urgent question: if Hollywood advocates a "Western / American / White" advantage How artistic creation and entertainment products reproduce or restore the global system? This anxiety prompted the Oskar selection system to perform the iterative movement of the film content and the director's choice.

In this sense, the "Black Panther" "C-bit" (center) player is among the eight best film candidates this year. "Black Panther" has triggered a lot of storm and has almost added "the most popular popular film award" for this. With the question of whether the best film can be shortlisted, we can make a suspensive film. He grabbed the "eighth place", but he was excluded from the director, screenwriter, and screenwriter. It was a lively professional ethical drama: she sold well in Hollywood and worked well, insisting on each other. Two types of incompatible valuation systems and differences are increasing, while commercial complaints and aesthetic assessments are similar to a civil war.

In the current Hollywood industry, "Black Panther" is an important film, not only because it is the best successor in 2018. "Black Panther" is for the first time that Hollywood has given the role of "superhero" to a black male protagonist to take on the mission "to save the world and save humanity ". Prior to this, the Hollywood film, which was fully incorporated in Africa from the geographical and human level, was merely the "king of lions," and the human African prince joined the American superhero as a protagonist, a major event in the context of the film industry. As a commercial film facing the global market, "Black Panther" expresses the reality of a great product of entertainment – the manufacturer imagines an acceptable reality in fiction and may even say that the position of the "black pant" is extremely large. To a large extent reflects Hollywood's current relationship.

The comments of the philosopher Žižek hit the nail: "We are waiting for a film like" Black Panther ", but" Black Panther "is not the film we are waiting for. This film shows people that Hollywood is aware of the context of globalization. the story is to consider the values ​​of the "American priority", but in the process of actual development of work, the attitude to finding a new and different is finally attributed to the poses, forcibly transferred to the old-fashioned, seemingly secure values, and the old melody is playing. when a group of black people heard "Hail Vakanda" on the screen, mapping is still a mirror image of American values. Zizek stressed very strongly that "Panter" issued the spiritual legacy of the black leader Malcolm X: "X means building a new system and a new identity outside the white glimpse of the world. "

Hollywood does not have the courage to challenge this controversial worldview, just as American literary theorist Zhan Mingxin concluded that it is difficult to imagine a real new world. "Black Panther" presents wonders of science fiction, witchcraft, future landscapes, and primitive African blends, as a group of Africans wearing western exotic costumes play a role playing role, Africans who are replacing western hades are destroying the rules of the game and under strong influence West. Orthodox Africans defend order – as Hollywood invented this set of words.

We can not have too much demand for the realization of large commercial production, but the "Green Book" of literature and art is not much better. A pair of protagonists of the "green book", the white driver is bad and rough, the black pianist is like a pharaoh, it seems to reverse the stereotype of ethnic people, creating "10 minutes of laughter" Smiling fruits. But the audience who knows Hollywood classics will soon be connected to it, and the "Green Book" is a re-presentation of "driving for Mrs. Daisy," but this is a speculative "fine tuning" of sex and the identity of the protagonist. The "Green Book" may have been a more pervasive drama about the identity of a black pianist, for example, for example, on the ground, he accidentally saw a poor, exhausted black peasant in the field. A person who strives to leave his class has lost his old affiliation and his new identity, such as a dignified spirit. However, the "Green Paper" does not have the courage and is not capable of attacking Malcolm's legacy. It is a good way to cook a cup of chicken broth, which is "true and safe".

"New Yorker" master Brody unconsciously swears: "The car for Miss Daisy has been in the past 29 years, and the" Green Book "still makes the Oscar's judges upset, this is a disgrace to the industry, I have The reason is that people who are voted today for the Green Paper, those who took the car for Mrs Daisy.

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