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The bill is burdened by 5 billion: piracy overflows the Spring Festival file – News – Here begins global trade –

On the first day of the lunar New Year, eight home-made production hits landed at major theaters in order to fight hard, and now four of the best-selling films at the box office exceeded 20 million yuan. The successful Wandering Earth treasury on the third day of the New Year was far ahead of us. "Science Fiction" became the theme of this year's Spring Festival.

According to the data from the cat's eye film, from noon on February 10, the total cash festival of the festival in the spring of 2019 reached 5.3 billion yuan. At the moment, Wandering Earth is ranked first with 1,812 billion yuan, Frenzy Alien ranks second with 1,368 billion yuan, and Flying Life in third place with 983 million yuan.

Statistics show that the joint box office of the Spring Festival in 2019 increased in comparison with the same period last year, but the number of people watching the film declined year-on-year, while the average price of the ticket rose yoy. There is a large-scale piracy on this phenomenon. After the release, but three days later, vendors began selling the pirated movie festival spring, including "Wandering Earth" on the trading platform, among them were particularly top top film pirates at the top of the box office.

The film of the cat's eye currently has a total forecast of 5.47 billion yuan for "traveling land", which is almost 200 million yuan lower than 5.33 billion yuan on February 8.

Recently, the Beijing Youth Daily reported that some vendors packed many hot-selling lunar New Year movies on a used trading platform, with a price of only 2 yuan, and the film was perfect and clear. "Wandering Earth" manufacturer Gong Geer told Beiqing Daily News: "In recent days, the staff of" Wandering Earth "did not have the time to celebrate the climb in the box office, but spent almost all of their energy on complaints and blocking piracy." "

Gong Geer said that up to now the number of online reviews of all pirate sources in the Spring Festival has been estimated at more than 20 million.

Wall Street found that after investigating the movie and the enthusiastic "spontaneous" reporting of Internet users, the current search for "traveling countries" on used trading platforms, such as Taobao and Xianyu, no longer shows the proper results, and it's a shame that the piracy sources are still always rocking. Appeared under the terms of other films in the same period.

(Wall Street reported goods on the map trading platform)

In fact, at the spring festival, the National Copyright Board issued a list of early lists of early copyright protection for the year 2019, including all eight New Year movies that were released on the New Year.

The notice clearly states that each platform must strictly control the distribution of cinematographic resources in the list:

A network service provider that directly provides content may not provide works on the copyright protection warning list during movie playback, the network service provider providing storage, prohibiting the user from uploading works to the copyright protection list, the network service provider , which provides a connection to the search, an electricity network. The website and app store should accelerate the processing of copyright holders' notice in the copyright protection notice regarding the removal of infringing content or the interruption of copyright infringement links.

(Source: National Authority for Copyright)

On the other hand, the sources of pirated films in this incident are quite different from those in the past. "Three voices" mentioned that some experts have discovered that due to the size and quality of this year's lunar New Year's movie, piracy is more like traditional piracy of the audience, that it is more like the internal part of the industry, there is reason to suspect that there is a Pirate team working with cinema staff.

Currently, the production of pirated films in cinematic films has created a complete industrial chain, and pirate traders, who can access ordinary audiences, are called "agents", which is only the lowest level in the industry chain. At this level, in addition to the sale of pirated resources, vendors can also earn money by developing offline and collecting "entry costs". The operating model of the group is exactly the same as for Weishang.

Another way of spreading piracy is the distribution of funds to customers through a fixed site. The servers on these sites are built in the countries of Southeast Asia, where copyright protection is weak in order to avoid regulations and sanctions. Revenue from advertising games, gambling and yellow sites is another important source of revenue for such sites with pirated resources.

(Black production ads can be seen everywhere in pirated circles circulating in the circle of WeChat friends)

In the upper course of the industrial chain, i.e. In the process of theft of genuine film resources for making copies, there are even unknown secrets. In addition to joint piracy operations in the cinema, people at this level also have special channels for getting original HD movies.

The reason for the ridiculous incidence of piracy, in addition to the broad audience, is that domestic regulatory authorities are less punished for such offenses. In accordance with current regulations, even if leakage occurs, the amount of compensation is only twice or even lower than the original contract price. If this happens in Hollywood, the responsible company may face bankruptcy.

At present, the serious location of the sources for the film piracy of the Lunar New Year's file has attracted the attention of the National Film Office and the National Copyright Administration. The departmental departments break up piracy and, given the maturity of the pirated industrial chain, repression of the regulatory layer is limited and more important. The solution is still in the conscious refusal and reporting of the audience.

On Wall Street, Gao Ruirui

(Editor: Chen Ying)

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