Tencent Cloud server server failure details: Optical fiber disconnection caused 150 seconds to restore the network – Tencent Cloud Tencent Cloud


In the morning of March 25, Tencent Cloud released a notice detailing the entire process of problems with Tencent's server in the afternoon of 23rd, when he said that many Internet companies in the area were affected by the unintended disruption of the Shanghai Nanhui network. Volume of influence.In the afternoon of March 23, a large number of users reported that many Tencent service servers did not respond to the problem. The affected Tencent services include Tencent Weiyun, Tencent Games, QQ Security Center and other services.

According to the user's description, there will be a problem when you sign in to the appropriate game interface via Tencent. In addition, there are also netizens feedback Tencent micro cloud network disk service also appeared abnormally. Some users changed passwords through the QQ Security Center and also failed.

Tencent's previous statement stated that around 16:00 on March 23, 2019, Tencent's use of several product services was affected by the high failure of optical fiber in Shanghai local network operators. At present, operators are urgently needed to repair and actively carry out disaster recovery, and the company is gradually recovering. We will notify you in advance of any further repairs.

Tencent Cloud said that the afternoon network monitoring platform was accompanied by a decline in the quality of small public networks from Shanghai to Zhejiang Telecom. Tencent Cloud immediately started a traffic intelligent dispatch system, and public traffic in Shanghai led the Tencent Cloud Guangzhou telecom export through Tencent Cloud internal T-level, and then directly connected to Zhejiang Telecom's telecommunications network.

Tencent Cloud said that the fiber defect, the Tencent cloud from detection to recovery failure, the whole process is only 2 minutes (flashing time: 14:40: 15: 14: 42: 45), and all processes are automated in only 150 seconds The network was quickly restored.


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