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Switzerland play waste 3 match point win reversal Women's volley 3-1 Poland Chong four are suspense _ Li Yingying


The original title: Swiss game of waste 3 match point victory reversal Women's Volleyball 3-1 Poland Chong four are tensions

Early in the morning of May 16, Beijing time, the women's volleyball team in Switzerland in 2019 went to the third day of Group A. China's volleyball team lost their first match in the first place, but finally lost three games, and even a 3-1 magical turnaround Poland, this is the same as the previous 1-3 loss to Japan, 3-2 Shaoguan Germany, re-write the record for 2 wins, 1 defeat, 5 points and 4 options to be determined, the main attack Li Yingying won 23 points for Poland for Smack Meet Take 31 points.

Group 3 Day 3:

Women's Volleyball Team 3-1 from Poland (22-25, 25-17, 25-22, 27-25)

Women's volleyball team Jiajieja is currently placed in third place in group A with 1 win, 1 loss and 2 points, and in Poland, she is mainly facing 12. Li Yingying and part 20, vice attacker no. 4 Yang Hanyu and no. 7 Wang Yuanyuan and no. Zheng Yizhen (captain), no. 15 Lin Li and no. 3 Lin Linyu from the free man, the second pass to the 13th, Sun Yan and no. 19 Liu Wei, two points for three, introduced the first performance.

On the other hand, Poland in the previous four matches of 3-1 beat Japan and led Group A with a result of 1 win, 0 losses and 3 points, this time the Chinese women's volleyball team sent a match against 17 Smack and no. 4 Vitkovska. No. 5 Kakolevska (captain), the main attack on 18. Muho and 15. Graibel, second pass no. 20 Presnerovic and Freeman 13 Mai Erwat.

In the first match, Li Yingying broke the borrower out of bounds and jumped to 2-0 on stage, while the Chinese women's volleyball team was tied to the repeated attack on Smjek, but fortunately Muha fired and the opponent attacked Wang Yuanyuan. 4-2. Yang Hanyu jumped out of bounds, while Zheng Yizhen crossed the Graibel probe, while Chinese women's volleyball team crossed Zheng Yiqi back and Wang Yuanyuan back, Duan Fang and Wang Yuanyuan paused 8-5.

After the Muha, Poland was stopped, but Li Yingying jumped from the net, while the Chinese women's volleyball team was blocked due to a powerful attack, while Li Yingying sent the Wang Yuanyuan probe, intercepted by Graibel, and the department opened a 9- 5. 6 points forced An Jiajie to rest. Duan set up an anti-rever to stop the bike, but Vitkovska refused, after 10-13, Yang Hanyu quickly blocked the ball and Li Yingying reached 4 points.

At the time of 15-16, Du Qingqing replaced the ball and sent the probe. The Chinese woman's reliance on Zheng Yiqi flew back and Kakolevskaya to the fire, Zheng Yiqi stopped and Du Qingqing sent the probe to the 17- 20. After the reign of An Jiajie Hu Mingyuan returned, 19-21 changed to meet with Liu Yihan and the second pass Sun Yan for three points, 20-24 when Liu Wei with heavy deduction and Zheng Yizhen block to save 2 points , but lost 22-25.

In the second match, Hu Mingyuan assumed the first offensive run of Wang Yuanyuan and the last volleyball team of Chinese women, which Li Yingying himself sacked, but was short-lived by Kakolevsky. Touch to return to 5-2. Hu Mingyuan intercepted Graibel's attack, but Yang Hanyu defended the fall, while Chinese women's volleyball teams relied on Hu Mingyuan's short and quick play, while Zheng Yiqi jumped and consolidated the lead to 9-6.

Poland rely on Smergek's others, but the defense was defeated with a point, while the Chinese women's volleyball team used Muha to play the flag, Li Yingying prevented 12-7. After the break of Poland, Li Yingying could not stop and Smackek fired, even after losing two points, Medekik broke out of the field, while Yu Linyu sent the probe and Kakolevsko to play 14-10. And the block is connected with two points.

Poland used Smackeka to attack the round but the second ball stopped at 11-17. When the Chinese women's volleyball team lost 2 points, Li Yingying bounced from the buckle to the ceiling, Yang Hanyu quickly attacked and Hu Mingyuan blocked Medek. 20-14. After the break-up in Poland, Smergek easily rose, while the Chinese women's volleyball team opened on stage and was opened by Hu Mingyuan, Li Yingying left alone and Zheng Yiqi jumped to 25-17.

In the third game, Polish passersby with Presnerovich, Kakolevska shortened to 2-4, Chinese women's volleyball team relied on Li Yingying for the attack and outside the borders and Vitkovska fired, Yang Hanyu short and quick and jumped to 8-4. After losing two points, Zheng Yiqi flew back and Lin Lin dropped to 9-8, while the Chinese women's volleyball team gave a paragraph to prevent anti-But, the last three being tied to Poland by 10-10.

In 19-12, Li Yingying sent a probe that ran into Zheng Yizhen's back, the Chinese women's volleyball rely on Yang Hanyu's short and fast section. When Sun Yan changed two points on two points, Hu Mingyuan ran to 20-17 to force Poland to stop, while China's volleyball team surrendered Liu Yihan's block, Li Yingying attacked and Smazhek jumped out of the net and won 25-22.

In the fourth match, Poland relied on Smacke, who attacked 2-0, but the service was wrong, and the Chinese women's volleyball team crossed 3-2 through Li Yingying's non-return line.Li Yingying beat the defense and Glajbel shot at 5 -3. Li Yingying persecuted and sent the probe, and then fell to the table. The card was turned. The Chinese women's volleyball team used the other party's touch screen and Li Yingying to jump over 7-6.

Duan has intercepted Smack and adapts the attack to 12-9. China's volleyball team blocked the storm Li Yingying's Fortunately, Yang Hanyu was blocked 14-10 to force Poland to take a ceasefire. Zheng Yizhen underwent the passage, but Li Yingying dunks, the Chinese women's volleyball team was tied 15-15, as Li Yingying hit the net. Yang Hanyu and Hu Mingyuan blocked and Duan Fangqiang attacked on 19-17. The Chinese women's double-handed woman relied on Yang Hanyua to lead the race to 24-23. Li Yingying attacked the ball in the opposite circle and left-handed defeated the ball . (Su Yingguo)Go back to Soh and see more

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