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Sun Yang Champion show, the first name for promotion, finals for the death of friends

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China News Service, Qingdao, March 24 (Ma Yuanhao Yang Bing) The national swimming championship and selection tournament at World Championships began on August 24th. The first name was promoted in the final of the night. Sun Yang said after the game that the final will not only fight for himself, but will also fight for Hong Kong swimmer Du Jingqian, who died this month.

Men's 400m freestyle games are the first battle of the current Sun Yang Championship. In the game, Sun Yang opened the gap with other players in the first 50 meters, swimming at 300 meters, will take the lead 6 seconds. In the end, he ranks first in the result 3: 49.04 and without progressing to the finals of the night.

Sun Yang appeared at the national swimming championship. Ma Yuanhao

When he talked about making the first shot of the day, Sun Yang believed this was normal. "I feel fine, and at night I'll have a good time."

For the finals of the evening, Sun Yang highlighted: "I hope I will not just fight for myself but also for my good friend Du Jingqian." He said that Du Jingqian maintained 16 China. A swimming star in Hong Kong. In national games in Tianjin in 2017, Du Jingqian and Sun Yang and Xu Jiayu set up a team of Zhejiang-Hong Kong United to participate in men's 4x100m freestyle races and eventually picked up silver.

Du Jingqian felt uneasy when he was training in Florida on April 19 in the United States. After learning about the bad news, Sun Yang said the same day on his social media: "Thank you for everything you've done for swimming. Long-term overworked exercise is our choice for our dreams. And I will continue to move forward without fear, and I hope the sky will not hurt and the whole way will go.


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