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Spring River plumbing A shares general increase Spring rebound is expected to continue – analysts, two cities, trading days, CITIC, billion – China Securities Journal


2019-02-12 06:12:21 Source: China Securities News

In the first trading day after the Spring Festival, the general growth of the market reappeared in both cities, and the thematic stocks rose again. The Shanghai Composite Index grew by 1.36%, the Shenzhen Component index by 3.06% and the GEM index by 3.53%.

Analysts say that the spring holiday is good and good. On the side of the fund, foreign capital continued to increase strongly, while in the long vacations the external market has persistently changed, while the accumulation of favorable shares has caused a warm start of A shares. The agency recommends that we focus on the subject area, although the direction is still large technology. It is expected that both cities will trigger a wave of intermediate jumps, and in the future they will swing up or the main topic of the market.

Increase the volume

Yesterday, both cities grew. In addition to the shares of ST, daily limit stocks reached 77, while stocks rose to 3,472. Shanghai Composite Index Station increased by 1.36% in the first half of the year, the Shenzhen Composite Index increased by 3.06% and the GEM index by 3.53%. Shenzhen's stock market volume reached 137,307 billion yuan, Shenzhen Stock Exchange turnover reached 182,559 billion yuan, which is considerably increased compared to the last trading day before the holidays.

Among 28 industries at the Shenwan level, only the banking sector decreased by 0.02%, while the remaining 27 sectors increased, with an increase exceeding 1%. Sectors increased by more than 2%, while 5.1%, 4.05% and 4.00% were among agricultural, forestry, livestock, fishery, electrical, food and beverage industries. In the concept sector, all 103 concept sectors were red, of which 45 were more than 3%, swine, chicken and the nearby subsector sector grew by 6.03%, 5.68% and 4.81%.

Analysts said that the slowdown in the Fed's interest rate increase, the continued net inflows of funds and the expected marginal lending relief jointly supported the reversal of the appetite to risk, and this repair is expected to continue.

Zhuque Investment said that the rate of capital inflows in the north of January did not significantly exceed the expectations, but due to the cautious attitude of investors on the continent and the relative concentration of foreign investment, foreign investment had more influence on the formation of prices of some consumer and financial stocks. This is the biggest difference compared to the "spring swings" in previous years. The strategic framework of past in-game games can change, which makes "spring agitation" not only dependent on domestic liquidity conditions and market sentiment, but also on the global preference for risk. Overall, market performance in February is worth the future.

Active stocks

To increase the volume of both cities, the thematic stocks can not be ignored, and 45 concept sectors have grown by more than 3%. Leading stocks that have constantly adapted over the past period have increased significantly yesterday, with the main assets flowing into thematic stocks.

More precisely, the early leading eastern 5G communications yesterday rose rapidly to the daily limit yesterday morning, and at the end, there were still 71,500 manual orders per daily limit. The same happened in the Beibei communication. After the continuous adaptation to the festival, there was also yesterday's morning message to the daily limit, and at the end, there were still 22,800 manual orders.

Pengqi Technology, which organized an uninterrupted daily limit yesterday, had a daily limitation yesterday, which rose by 4.58% yesterday and Tongxing Star by 5.59%. In addition, the "cobalt industry double men" Huayou Cobalt and Hanrui cobalt industry after adjusting, yesterday's daily daily limit.

Analysts said that the increase in thematic stocks and the rise in leading stocks in the past period had a positive impact on the increase in market sentiment and could greatly increase the profit effect on the market.

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