Sixth episode "The Key to Reform and Opening" The image of a large country is very good – China Daily


The television program "The Key to Reform and Opening", to be published in the 7-episode episode, will be featured on the CCTV news channel on December 10th. The film tells the transformation of life into a youthful story and represents a Chinese story in a youthful perspective. Chinese and foreign guests and the audience return to the magnificent course of 40 years and touch the beats of the era of great change.

On December 15, the sixth episode was broadcast: "The image of a great country is very good."

In this episode, Wang Wen, Executive Chancellor of the Financial Research Institute of Chongyang University of Renmin, China, will use his story and three key words to explain Chinese diplomacy. Wang Yijun, professor at Renmin University in China, and Wang Lijun, Deputy Director General of China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. expressed their opinion on the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative. More exciting, they stay tuned.


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