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See also "Doll" by Dong Jiangao, tens of billions of state-owned enterprises, one-third of high-level supervisors, the 27-year chairman of the board of directors. – News – Global IC store starts here – ICEach.com

A few days ago, the "after 90 years" incident, Dong Jiangao, caused social concern and a hot discussion, the topic of which was the discussion about the age of the director of a city investment company.

Recently, Daily Economic News reported exclusively that the 29-year-old member of Asset Investment Group Co., Ltd, Wenling City, state-owned, leapt to the chairman of the board: "He is 29 years old, the president is 40 billion state-owned enterprises, but the company must rely on state subsidies for earnings ". But this is not an isolated case in the country. Total assets of 12,131 billion yuan in Zibo City, Shandong Province, Linyi District Public Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: public company Zibo Linyi) is also a large number of publicly owned assets of the young management Company:

Since October 2018, in Linyi, which is responsible for the organization and implementation of land development and consolidation, infrastructure and support functions and other independent state-owned owners with assets of more than 10 billion, all of the nine supervisors are "After the Eighties and In the 1990s, it was 3 by 90, which means 1/3.

It should be noted that already in November 2015 three young members of the administration took up their jobs.

The President of the Governing Board turned to the 27th. According to the information provided by China's Money Growth in October 2018, Zibo Linyi Public Assets disclosed the "proposal for the first phase of medium-term insolvencies in 2018" with the planned amount of RMB 400 million and the term 5 medium-term explanations for year. On 6 November, the company announced another announcement stating that, in view of the recent market volatility, it decided to cancel the issuance of medium-term banknotes of this period and reissue it on another occasion.

However, the rapporteur noted that the prospectus mentioned the age of the company's directors when he stated the risk of managing the issuer, which indicates that the "issuers" were directors, supervisors and managers at a younger age. "What is the position behind this?

1. Member of the Management Board

At the same time, the other two directors of Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd also have "young faces".

In addition to the directors, the supervisors and managers of Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. all under "80s" and "90s".

2. Member of the Supervisory Board of the company

3. Head

On the basis of the above information, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. a total of 9 directors and supervisors. The specific age structure is: "80 people" (6 people were born in 1983, the remaining 5 were "85"); "The eldest is supervisor Gao Yuling, born in 1983, and the youngest year of his birth is director Chen Mingyang and supervisor Cao Li, both born in 1992.

One of the details that can not be ignored is that the continuation shows that the three directors and some supervisors took up duties from October to November 2015. This means that Zibo Linyi Public Assets three years ago entered the state of "rejuvenation "Leading leaders.

In particular, Zhang Gang's financial mail entered the company Zibo Linyi Public Assets in January 2014 and assumed the responsibility of the president in November 2015. They only needed one year and 10 months before and after it. Since the birth of October 1988, the president was only 27 years old when he took office.

Look at the other two "directors after the 1990s". Guo Hongkun, born in May 1991, was only 24 years old when he was the director, Chen Mingyang, who was born in June 1992, was only 23 years old when he was a director.

Not only are senior staff generally younger, but the prospectus also shows that from the end of June 2018 at the headquarters and subsidiaries in Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd, who were under 35 years of age, 61 employees.

Sometimes he headed "after 60 years". As far as the traditional impression is concerned, the leader, who is at the forefront of billions of funds, is usually a more experienced person. The rapporteur, the Daily Economic News, warned that the company from Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. under the guidance of experienced "after 60 years".

The date of the deposit was "2014 Zibo Linyi District Public Asset Management Co., Ltd. Corporate Bond Brokerage", which was published in April 2014. At that time, the directors and supervisors of the company both by age and background, were associated with the current management team. There is a big difference – only in terms of five board members are not just "post-60s", but most of them have experience in government departments.

In accordance with the summary disclosed in the aforementioned prospectus, the president of Zibo Linyi Public Assets, Wang Shouguo, a man, born in February 1965, graduated. He served successively as deputy director of the financial office of Linyi district, secretary of the city of Zhutai district of Linyi district and director of the financial office of Linyi district.

At that time, the director and general director Lu Xinmin, a man born in September 1964, graduated. He served in succession as director of the Linyi County State Property Office, the director of the Linyi County Administrative Committee for the extra-budgetary fund, the deputy director of the financial office in Linyi district and the general manager of Jib assets, Zibo Linyi.

The then director and chief financial officer Zhang Yenian, a man born in April 1967, graduated. He co-operated successively as Deputy Director of the Linyi County Financial Office.

At that time, the Director and Deputy Director-General Wang Wei, a man born in September 1966, graduated. He was a high school teacher and secretary of Yantai Communion Youth League in Linyi District and chairman of the Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd., Assistant Director and Director of the office.

The then director, Peng Yanshui, a man, born in December 1969, graduated. He was Secretary of the Youth League of the Jinan Branch of the Petrochemical School of Economics, Chief Accountant of Zibo Shengli Petroleum Joint Venture, Head of the Linyi District Material Bureau Huaguang Company and Zibo Linyi Public Assets Asset Management Director.

In addition, only one of the five members of the Supervisory Board at that time was "after 80 years". Three senior managers have the same status as directors, all after the age of 60.

It is worth mentioning that the official website of the People's Government of Linyi District on 24 January 2018 published information on the organization of Linyi District Financial Office. The names Wang Shouguo, Lu Xinmin and Zhang Yinian have appeared on the main list of leading.

Why was the state-owned company, which originally led it "after the sixties", transferred the important tasks of the directors to the youth group? What are the duties of these "post-80s" and "post-90s" Dong Jiangao in actual performance?

In addition, according to the deadline for the disclosure of the prospectus for the first phase of the interim period 2018, signed on 16 October 2018, one of the recent employees of Dongquan with a high income in Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. Over the past month, 6 (including three directors) are due to expire in November this year, while the remaining two supervisors will expire in April and May 2019. However, after 3 December, the rapporteur did not find a disclosure about the change in the supervision of the company's director in Chinese currency on the Web. So, compared to the previous one, there was any change in the list of Zibo Linyi Public Assets's senior supervisors?

In the afternoon of the afternoon of December 3, the reporter called a contact number that the company disclosed in the prospectus.

The person who replied to the phone said that this is the office phone of the company. When the journalist asked for an interview, the staff said that the company leader went outside and asked the journalist to send the question for the interview to an e-mail. Although it was confirmed that the other party received mail on the same day from the time, the journalist was still unable to receive the company's response to the question for the interview.

Participating in the management of 21 companies with assets exceeding 10 billion RMB, "Zibo Linyi District Public Asset Management Co., Ltd 2018 The first phase of the Interim Notes Recruitment Manual" mentioned that the president of the company, general manager and other leading executives Both the quality of the company as well as ethical quality has been subjected to a rigorous review, and the company will be appointed when it is trained.

However, the prospectus also highlighted the management risks brought by younger management personnel. "The directors, supervisors and executives of the issuer are aged between 24 and 31 years old and are younger. As the scope of the company's business continues to expand and expansion of the scope of operations may have a long-term development of the issuer due to lack of experience and experience."

So, what kind of society is this?

According to information of a public nature, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. located in the urban areas of Linyi district, the city of Zibo. It is a state-owned company registered in the People's Government of Linyi County and registered in 1996. In September 2012, the People's Government of Linyi District transferred the capital of the company to state-owned state-owned Linyi. Since the end of June 2018, the company subscribed capital of 200 million yuan, which is 100% owned by the state property management company Linzi in the city of Zibo.

In terms of scope of operations, the company is mainly engaged in investments in the construction of urban infrastructure, investments in the construction of new rural areas (small towns), the development and consolidation of land reserves, the management of public funds under the authority of district government and industrial investments permitted by the state.

A further investigation shows that the number of participating holding companies is within Zibo Linyi Public Assets. "Zibo Linyi District Public Asset Management Co., Ltd 2018 The first phase of the Mid-Term Employment Recruitment Manual" shows that since the end of June 2018, the company invested in 21 key enterprises, including 7 holding companies and 14 participating companies that include the financial Monopoly Industry, such as electricity and heat, and industrial industries such as cement and plastic weaving. One of the participating companies is Shandong Qingyuan Group Co., Ltd. Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. has been consistently ranked among the 500 largest Chinese private companies in recent years. 37.74% of own capital.

The aforementioned prospectus revealed that as the main activity of Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. as a capital investment company in a property management company owned by the state of Linyi in Zibo, includes the construction of infrastructure, heating, coal, water supply, land transfer and other income, etc. It has an absolute monopoly.

From the point of view of revenue, from 2015 to 2017 and from January to June 2018, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd.'s operating income was 877 million yuan, 957 million yuan, 1,033 billion yuan and 484 million yuan, corresponding to operating gross profit. There were 72,625 million yuan, 104 million yuan, 125 million yuan, and 44,692 million yuan.

The company's balance sheet in the third quarter of the financial report for 2018 shows that since the end of September 2018, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. amounted to 12.131 billion yuan, of which liabilities amounted to 6.101 billion yuan, and total equity was 6.030 billion yuan.

In addition, at the end of June 2018 Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. invested a total of 1.194 billion yuan in construction projects. According to the plan, it plans to invest 1,375 billion yuan, 929 million yuan and 680 million yuan from 2018 to 2020.

The rapporteur found that Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company has repeatedly entered the bond market to raise funds. Following the issuance of a total of 1 billion and 7-year corporate bonds "14 Linyi Dolg" in 2014 and the payment was completed earlier this year, the company did not issue two 2018 corporate bonds with a total of 2 billion yuan and a five-year mandate. (Protective Case) "18 Linyi 01", "18 Linyi 02".

In August this year, the first credit rating of the first phase of intermediate banknotes from 2018, issued by Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd., the Shanghai New Century Credit Rating Investment Investment Co., Ltd. is the main rating of "AA" and debt. Rating of "AA" rating.

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