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"Running Man 7" a big change of blood inside the inside! Deng Chao Lu Yi price compensatory exposure – carefree information


"Running" will soon open its seventh season in 2019. In 11th place, the official announced a major blood change at the end of the class, including Deng Chao, Lu Hao, Wang Zulan and Chen He from the veterans' class, only Li Chen and Zheng. Hey and Angelababy, the fans are sad. The landline network later later broke the interior of the exhibition, and the replacement was influenced by the "limit payment order" that caused the concern of all layers of life.

In the seventh season "Tek" members took 4 large coffee. (Picture / flip from Weibo / "Run")

Deng Chao, Lu Han, Chen He and Wang Zulan left the mood of "Running" with a long saying of the text, but Hongkong "Apple Daily" broke out, people left the team because SARFT gave them a "limited payment order" and they it was strictly controlled by the appropriate units. The price paid for the sky. Among them, Deng Chao and Lu Hana paid a quarter more than 100 million yuan, and Chen He also had tens of millions because he refused to reduce the wage to less than 10 million, the program had to be replaced.

Given the rumors that Deng Chao and Lu Han did not accept a reduction in payments, the program had to be replaced. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

At the same time, some netizens broke the news that a major change in blood was the result of a limited payment order. "Deng Chao is because there are a lot of players and scenarios, nothing is to record the variety. Simply, so I also got off with Deng Chao, and some people have revealed in the message:" Deng Chao is in one season took away 100 million or 200 million, said the nurse. "

The land network revealed the news that Deng Chao "takes 100 million in the first quarter". (Picture / flip from Weibo)

"Running" was originally a program that collaborated with the popular version of South Running Man, which was broadcast in the seventh year, as members of the program faced a number of changes, including Luhan's third-season appendage, Angelababy due to the temporary production, etc. The old veteran left Li Chen, Deng Chao, Chen He and Wang Zulan, who decided to leave only in the sixth quarter that shook a lot of fans who regretted that "all smiles disappeared" and some are looking forward to new teams. There will be new ideas. "

"Running Man 7" was replaced by Zhu Yawen, Wang Yanlin, "NCT" Lucas, "(G) I-DLE" Song Yuqi. (Picture / flip from Weibo / "Run")

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