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Evening April 12, Yan value online Polestar 2
Officially issued in China. Polestar 2 is the first pure electric vehicle under the luxurious high-performance electric brand Polestar designed with minimalist aesthetics and NEDC.
Under conditions of 500 kilometers of cruise and 4.7 seconds of acceleration of 4.7 seconds, the future will bring great pressure to the same class.

Price Polestar 2 is 460,000 and is a luxurious medium-sized luxury high-performance electric panel. In the same class will have a direct impact on Weilai ES8 and Tesla Model 3. The existing information should be avant-garde design, tri-electric technology and car entertainment the most important advantages of this car.

"The minimalist aesthetic visual presentation, the high-performance driving pleasure and seamless integration of digital life, Polestar 2 represents the pure and pioneering concept of the brand name Polestar, which is very recognizable." Polestar Chief Executive Director Rekel is Thomas Ingenlath.

Nominal value

The Polestar brand is from Volvo Cars and is based on the CMA architecture; of course, it's easy to design a minimalist path in the style of design.

The pole 2 has a length, width and height of 4,607 / 1800/1478 mm and a wheelbase of 2,735 mm. From the outside, the car looks generally young and solid. This is reflected in the front grille of the car with highly integrated detectors, dot matrix LED headlamps, an avant-garde style 5-door with a quick-back, with headlights and with spot-free rear view mirrors. The function also takes into account aesthetics.

When entering the car, Polestar 2 is equipped with a simple and intuitive central display, while the 11,15-inch touch screen is vertically arranged for easy reading and operation. With a 12.3-inch digital dashboard and modern design user interface, the six-way transmission is a hollow and a rear-view mirror looks young.

Like Volvo's cars, Polestar 2 is also equipped with a standardized Android system, and cooperates with Gaode Map, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Alibaba and Keda Xunfei to create an interactive experience inside and outside the home market.

For example, cooperation with the Gaode map has developed vehicle navigation on new energy vehicles, including the visualized current kilometer area map, intelligent charging planning, and the integration of mailbox information. Using Kodak's natural speech recognition technology with rapid learning capabilities, the Polestar 2 intelligent voice assistant has the ability to respond to complex sound fields in the car.

As far as electric power is concerned, three electric motors, Polestar 2 also produced a good record in the field of cruise and electric drive. According to data, the electric propulsion system of this car consists of a 72 kWh battery and two front and rear electric motors, the area under the NEDC is 500 km. The pure electric four-wheel drive gives Polestar 2 the maximum power of 408 horsepower and the maximum torque of 660 Nm, with an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 4.7 seconds. The battery life and electric drive system are quite exceptional compared to cars in their class.

In addition, Polestar 2 engineers used the ingenious arrangement of the battery compartment to increase the torsional strength of the Polestar 2 chassis and reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle. In addition, Polestar 2 offers a choice of performance choices for the user, including various performance enhancement components, such as a two-phase DFV valve from the Öhlins competitive track tire, the Brembo brake system and 20-inch aluminum forged wheels further improve handling.

In addition, Polestar 2 is based on the "smart key" on a mobile application that allows users to unlock a car without a traditional key. A starter mounted in the seat allows the user to start the vehicle when sitting in the driver's seat without the need of a key or any button. In addition, Polestar 2 is equipped with a similar active and passive safety configuration of Volvo, which is equipped with Pilot Assist Pilot Assist.

Entering the Chinese market

Is there a battle between Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3? That's very likely. At least the first will introduce many opponents in China. Depending on the future of this car, it will have a price of 280,000 yuan, maybe it will also take advantage of the Weilai ES6 market, the new generation Tang EV and even the ideal ONE.

Take for example the model 3 of Tesla: three versions of this car are currently being sold in China, namely, the model 3 with a high-performance four-wheel drive, a long-life model 3, and a 3-wheel drive version.

According to the Chinese standard, the high-performance four-wheel drive version of the model 3 reached 595 km, a long service life with all-wheel drive at 590 km and a long version of the rear-wheel drive with a distance of at least 600 km. Recently, Tesla opened the model 3 of the standard version of battery upgrade on the Chinese market at a price of 377,000 yuan, the life of the NEDC battery is about 460 kilometers.

At similar levels of endurance, we should not underestimate the active safety of Polestar 2 from Volvo.

In fact, Polestar was already a supplier of Volvo modifications in 2005. In the configuration of Pole 2, you can see two-stage passenger airbags, side impact airbags, rear doors for doors and high-strength steel components. In contrast, the model 3 improves vehicle safety with a steel aluminum hybrid frame, reinforcement of the center pillar and packaged batteries.

Similar to Tesla's sales channels, Polestar also uses a direct approach to servicing users. According to Thomas Ingenlatha, the company will set up a trade with experience in the field of Polestar Space trade. The first trade in China will be officially opened in the third quarter of this year. It is estimated that Polestar will open 20 cities Polestar by 2020 in 11 cities in China, representing about a third of global planning.

In fact, when he saw the popularity of the SUV fuel car, it was the first car launched by a new energy company, usually a SUV, and some automotive companies chose the direction of the coupe. Polystar 2 is such a model.

After entering China, Polestar 2 launched a number of local events. In addition to deepened cooperation with Gaode Map, Keda Xunfei, Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, etc., Polestar also collaborated with Cao Cao Travel Service provider to create a smooth and intelligent interaction with a human computer. The parties will participate in the collection of payment systems with a number of billing providers, enabling users to control billing and payment with a single click on the scanned exclusive application of the Polestar mobile phone.

According to the plan, Polestar 2 will begin mass production in early 2020 and will start shipping in the first half of next year. In the future, Polestar 2 will be manufactured and shipped to the world market at Luqiao factory in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. It should be noted that Geely invested this road and a bridge operated by Volvo.

"At the moment, the electric car display has become a new mobile digital terminal, similar to the mobile Internet industry, from operating system to application, to service, if everything is guaranteed by the car manufacturer, the speed of recurrence will be very slow, the consumer experience. this is very discounted, "said Wu Zhenyu, President of China's Polestar.

For Polestar 2, which has a highly esteemed Model 3 for its direct competitor, it can first win a small step, regardless of the outcome of the game.


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