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Qiu Bo smiles is the role of a diving team in the role of winter training, the key to booking fitness – Android – Developers phones

2018-11-18 21:38:24 Source: Sohu Sports

Original title: Qiu Bo smiles is the role of a diving team in the role of winter training to reserve fitness

(Sohu Sports Guo Jian was sent from Beijing on November 18) "Is Shaving Shave?" Dive star Qiu Bo seriously asked reporters. Today, the official partner of the Chinese diving team CHANDO has created a cosmetic skin care class for trainers and athletes of the Chinese diving team. When asked if he handed over the make-up before the lesson, Qiu Bo was somewhat confused at this time. After a negative answer, the young man smiled and said, "I should not make the makeup for myself, but the first one is not. The other one is that I do not think it's necessary. Should I read what to do? "He was humorous, he later said that, according to the nominal value, he did not want to say that he was the first in a Chinese male diving team because he was the first. Qiu Bocai seriously said, "There really is not such a thing, but if it's a look or a heart, you have to have self-confidence, it's also a kind of recognition for yourself." When I saw a joke, everyone laughed.

For athletes in a closed-season training session, it's important to know more about clothing, make-up, and instrumentation, because they represent China's image both inside and outside the stadium. "The fact is that everyone needs such training, because everyone will have a less trustworthy site," said Qiu Bo. He learned a lot about the theme of the natural hall and thought that in this respect he was too "white". Perhaps I used a mask before, but only once, to feel it. "Although there is little contact with the care and beauty of the skin, the winner with a 10-meter silver medal in the London Olympic men does not exclude the boy's choice of makeup. Keeping skin and lighting yourself: "I grew up with friends who grew up and their industry requires them to get ready for work. For example, some sales works must give people a different feeling. So I can understand and do not exclude The guys are upgrading, not saying that the boy is a lichen of lavender. "

After the end of the Asian Games and short adaptations, the Chinese diving team began intensive winter training. When we talk about profits at this time, Qiu Bo acknowledges that he has improved a lot in terms of physical fitness. "Now it's not as fast as when I was a kid, so this winter training must have enough energy to meet all the challenges that follow them, because one game follows one. It will not give us any breathing space," said Qiu It will be necessary to set up a solid foundation during winter training. Only after consolidation of foundations can we be better. In fact, the importance of physical fitness reserves, either in the open class before the Asian Games in Jakarta or by the official partner of the Chinese diving team, Chinese leading cosmetics, the first national brand of CHANDO Group JALA At the celebration, Zhou Jihonga's team leader repeatedly mentioned this. Qiu Bo's answer is also proof of the performance of the team's recent work.

They reported that the Chinese diving team will be the world championship in February next year. Since world championships are the first qualifying qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Qiu Bo players are full of expectations for this event.

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