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Premier League Hottest Spurs Red Devils Pozo Interview Battle – Sports Sin Chew Daily

This Premier League Premier League will put forward Manchester United's "Red Devil" against Tottenham Hotspur and this tough battle has been considered by the outside world as an "interviewing battle" between Pochetin and Solskjaer.

Pochettino is the best candidate for the best selection of Manchester United as a new coach, but if Solskjaer defeats in this round, the options for the next season will increase further. (Photo: AFP)

(London, 12.) The current Premier League will put forward the "Red Devils" of Manchester United home against Tottenham Hotspur, and this strong competition looks like an interview by Pochettin and Solskjaer. Battle.

Manchester United legend vs Manchester United new goal

Solskjaer and Pochettino, the former is the legendary star of Manchester United, the fire extinguisher in the hurt, the other is a top-level Premier League coach, who is praised by many fans and fans of Manchester United, and is executive vice president of Manchester United. Ward is the most important candidate for a new official coach.

Although Suo Shuai is only an interim coach, he will return to the Norwegian Molde team after the season, but after taking the place, Manchester United made it to victory at 5, which was won by the confidence of most fans of Manchester United. So Suo Shuai now hopes that after the end of the season he will prove to be positive, he said: "May this year I do not want to leave Manchester United!"

At the end of the week, two coaches will be heading for Manchester United next season at Wembley Stadium, while Manchester United will watch Ferguson and Woodward, so fans joked that Suo Shuai and Bo Shuai are taking Red Devils. A direct interview with a big name.

If Bo Shuai is the ultimate winner, his position in Woodward will undoubtedly be more solid, and if Suo Shuai wins, the voice of public opinion calling for him to become positive will climax, so Woodward is even a favorite. Attention should be given to public opinion.

Suo Shuai invited Ferguson to inspire the Red Devil

Solskjaer invited teacher Ferguson to a training base in Carrington to speak to Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur in order to motivate players, and coach Tottenham Pochettino, after learning about the incident, said: The right decision.

Manchester United will play a fierce battle with Tottenham in the league, which is the real test, as Soul Shuai became a temporary coach. In order to encourage players to try to win, Suo Shuai invited Manchester United, played by Ferguson coach, to come to the training base of Carrington to talk Wednesday in order to motivate players.

In his speech, Ferguson told players that they have the chance to make Manchester United again, which has greatly increased the morale of the players, and everyone wants to reward Sir Alex Ferguson's support and confidence with the best performance.

When Bo Shuai learned that his admired character Ferguson deliberately sent an inspirational speech to the training ground at Carrington, he said: "Solskaya made a smart move, I can not hide admiration for Ferguson, he is me. The most admired person, the best coach in football history and the encyclopedia of football. "

What are the 5 consecutive winning series?
Suo Shuai meets the real test

In any case, in comparison with the handsome wave, Suo Shuai's pressure is certainly greater, as he must at least ensure that he does not lose the ball to see the hope of turning positive.

In addition, the game against Tottenham is also a real test, as the Manchester United coach led the team to reach 16 goals in 5, losing only 3 goals to win, and opponents are middle and bottom achievements, so if you can beat the weekend Tottenham can prove very well his training ability.

When he talked about the biggest test since Manchester United's coach, Suo Shuai said: "You must always adapt to every opponent, we are confronted with one of the best teams in the league, we need to understand their strengths." I advocate offensive football and attack, we have to attack an opponent, but when we are against Spurs, we may not get as much opportunity as before, so we need to take every opportunity. "

Manchester United has to limit Kane Space

When he talked about the training wave with him himself, Shuai gave him a high score and said: "He did a very good job, so the rumors (Manchester United are planning to dig the corner) are justified. After all, his achievements are great.

Tottenham Front Kane has reached the last eight league games, now he has reached 14 goals in the 21st, which is the biggest threat to Manchester United with Arsenal's shot on his foot. Suo Shuai said that Kane is one of the best centers in the world, so if he wants to win Manchester United, he must keep Kane and not allow him to have too much room in the game.

Recently hot red fascinating Sun Xingyu

The second person to be careful is Sun Xingyu from Tottenham, who has contributed 7 goals and 5 assists in the last six games on behalf of Tottenham. Although the Asian Cup was open, he explicitly postponed the return to the national team to face Manchester United.

When Solskjaer wants to turn right at the end of the season, he must beat the competitor Pochettin. (Photo: Associated Press)

The bug is supposed to be back

After Soul Shuai is coach of Manchester United, Bogba, who once became a substitute for Mourinho's training, began with a big outburst. Prior to that, Bogba was unintentionally injured, so two days later he flew to Dubai for training in the team, but Suo Shuai said his injury was restored and will certainly be in the running circle.

At the moment, Manchester United's biggest deficiency is defense defenses, Bailey will be banned from this round due to red cards, Smolin and Rojo are missing due to injury, and the latter is even more serious injury has returned to Argentina to recover. In such circumstances Manchester United left Phil Jones and Linderhof, and the sharp front against Tottenham will be in a worse position.

That's why Manchester United is expected to abandon a defensive attack and fight for victory with the most powerful weapon. In addition to Bogbona, the remaining Manchester United players also played brilliantly, Rushford scored 3 goals in almost 5 points, Lingard scored 2 goals and 2 assists, and Martial and Lukaku scored 8 goals. The player who scored the most goals.

If Suo Shuai succeeds in winning this round, he will equalize the record of former Manchester United coach Busby and become the second coach to coach Manchester United in the first five rounds of the league.

Free tValue a beautiful unforgettable kid face a killer classic goal

When Bo Shuai talked about Manchester United, he also sent a tall hat Suo Shuai, who said he was a coach for the Champions League final in 1999 to help Manchester United kill him. Scria's goal was incredible and we all cheered for his goal. The victory of Manchester United is now strong, I think that at the end of the week they will show a very high level, the game will be very difficult. "

In comparison with Manchester United, Tottenham's physical strength will be worse, as they competed with Chelsea in the first half of the semi-final tournament of the English League and finally won 1-0. Bo Shuai said: "Manchester United has more time to prepare for the competition. We participated in the cup and the physical readiness of the players will be in a worse position, but we have maintained a good balance, which is enough for us to show the best results at the weekend. "

a war that nobody can afford

At the moment, Tottenham is six points behind Liverpool for Liverpool, so if they want to keep their title, they have to try to score 3 points in this round.

Manchester United has 6 points for Chelsea, the fourth place that is caught in the top 4 at the end of the season and must also win in this round.

Manchester United defeated Tottenham in the first part of the season with a 0-3 defeat, while Tottenham failed to win the previous six times, the record is 3 draw and 3 losses. In addition, Red Devils did not manage to win the first six teams in the top five teams this season, winning 2 undecided and 3 losses, which is psychologically deprived.

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